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08-31-05, 04:56 PM
If you are in the market for a new PSU to keep up with the demands of the new processors, cards, and especially SLI this article/review listed on our FrontPage news round-up is a good read IMO.

It has nothing to do with the brand for the most part, it has everything to do with the components of the PSU. Even the 500W Fotron-Source (FSP) the review covers is mis-labeled. I have one and it is indeed a 460W but the difference is that it performs to my expectations. I used it in the EVGA motherboard review for providing power to SLI setup and I am currently using it in an Intel SLI review and it has and is doing what I need it to do.

Just thought I would make a brief comment other than the alternative of spending twice as much, as I have, on 550W-600W PSUs to meet the proclaimed demanding power requirements of the items mentioned.

08-31-05, 06:16 PM
true...that Forton was a damn good PSU, I would have kept mine but I wanted four SATA power connectors and it only has two.