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09-01-05, 12:49 AM
GS: Tell us about the artificial intelligence behind F.E.A.R.'s enemies. So far, the AI seems elusive, smart, challenging, and highly realistic (in an over-the-top motion-picture kind of way). In fact, the AI has seemed genuinely surprising every so often, considering the way enemies peek around corners, hop over guardrails, crawl under low surfaces, and drag bookshelves and boxes in front of them as cover. Was this patterned after the tactics or training of any real-world military or law enforcement group? How did the team go about making the AI actually act and move, attack, and respond in such a "realistic" fashion? How has the team been able to implement such sophisticated AI without having things break and having soldiers do unexpected things, like getting stuck on walls (which we haven't seen once, despite the many times we've played the game)?

CH: There are plenty of games where you're part of a special forces team. We wanted to pit you against a special forces team. To pull that off, it was important that enemies communicate and coordinate with each other and use authentic-looking tactics. This isn't a military simulation, though. It's much more of an action movie, so our AI behavior is geared toward fun rather than accuracy.

Enemies have an understanding of the environment, which tells them where they can go, where to find cover, where to hide if things get too tough, where to search for the player if they don't know where he is, etc. They also perceive visual and audio stimuli and can communicate information to each other about what they're seeing or experiencing. They make decisions on the fly about how to react to a given situation based on the opportunities available to them. So their thought process is kind of similar to that of a player.


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My preorder is sitting on my shelf. Why must I wait?? WHY?!?!?!

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I cannot wait for this game to come out.

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I think im the only one not getting this game. =X

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I think im the only one not getting this game. =X
Why aren't you going to get it?

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I think im the only one not getting this game. =X

j00 crazee mang!