View Full Version : 6800 from Palit or 6600gt from LeadTek?

09-01-05, 05:51 AM
Lo i want to buy myself an GeForce 6800 from Palit my questions is...:

How r Palit videoboards ? i never have one and i dont know the quality of their products.

So pls. if you can iluminate me il be grateful !

i can aforde this buying solutions : LeadTek 6600 GT or Palit 6800 ..so i want to know wich is the best solution for performance .

10x in advance

09-01-05, 08:40 AM
Palit won all the major citations in the Graphics Cards Category at the 2nd PC World Philippines Annual Awards held on March 30, 2005 at Dusit Hotel Nikko, City of Makati, Philippines. Palit was named as Best IT Product of the year 2004.
It looks just like a nvidia refrence 6800 so It looks like it would be just as good as any of them ,I could'nt find what the warranty is on them,the plain 6800 is going to be faster then a 6600gt so if the price is right I would give them a try since it looks like a evga or any other refrence 6800 card.

09-01-05, 04:00 PM
(palit has..24 mounts gwarranty) in my country

There are strage price diferance betwin them.
A brand new Palit 6800 board has an Lower price then Leadtek 6600gt... both are agp

so thats way i have some querstions about them...is like a little wirde...

09-01-05, 04:59 PM
thats alrite. 6800's prices have gone down a lot, and in many cases are cheeper than the 6600GT. so i think you can go with 6800 as long as its covered under warranty, there should be no problems.