View Full Version : FEAR smokes my GPU

09-01-05, 10:14 AM
I have a 6800GT, and I was playing the FEAR SP Demo. Was a ton of fun, but all of a sudden I got a "FEAR has encountered and error.... blah blah" I look at my GPU temp an lo and behold 95 C. That's a new record. Damn. I'm gonna need to upgrade to a watercooler to run fear lol.

09-01-05, 10:17 AM
Ouch! Sounds like you could be having airflow troubles though. How's your cable management?

09-01-05, 10:19 AM
yeah i do have airflow troubles. It used to be really bad becasue my CPU would overheat all the time. I got a watercooler, and now my CPU has perfect temps, but now the problem is the GPU lol. It's 70 bucks for a GPU watercooler, but I might just buy a good Lian Li case because I have a feeling my case is complete crap for cooling. When I take my case panel off the temps are fine, but I hate doing that.

09-01-05, 10:40 AM
Sounds like you need a new case and some better fans. I just ordered some SilenX fans yesterday, they should get here tomorrow. My airflow is awesome but my case is almost as loud as my vacuum cleaner so hopefully these 14db fans will take care of that. :D