View Full Version : Sata problem

09-01-05, 11:02 AM
Hope someone can help me with this problem because I'm on my 5th windows install :mad: (Micosoft's produkt registration is probably starting to wonder WTF I'm doin'.....)

The problem is that boot-time is terribly slow and takes at least twice the time it took with my IDE-drive. I have installed windows on my new Hitachi T7k 160GB SATA2 drive. I also have my IDE seagate drive connected to my IDE interface.

I have noticed one thing and that is when I disconnect my IDE drive the boot time is alot faster :confused: .

When I install windows the SATA drive shows up in the "select which drive to install to" window, but do I still need to do the F6 trick and install the sata-raid drivers? Because windows installs anyway.

Is there a conflict between the two drives?