View Full Version : FS: MSI Neo2 Platinum (Toronto)

09-02-05, 02:05 PM
MSI Neo2 Platinum which comes with the box, manual and all the cables that it originally came with. Ive managed to overclock it to ~340FSB. The board is in excellent condition and comes with a custom NB cooler. Make me an offer. I would prefer in the Toronto area to avoid shipping costs.

09-02-05, 04:22 PM
You need to post Heatware and/or eBay feedback. Also, pics of the item is a plus.

09-02-05, 10:35 PM
ill post some pics tomorrow... i havent used ebay thats why i prefer if someone can arrange for local pickup

09-02-05, 10:56 PM
You also must post a price.

3) You must clearly specify your asking price(s) or item(s) to be considered for trade. Do not ask people to send you a private message if they want a price. Post the price in the thread unless the item is exclusively for trade (trading for money means for sale, though )

09-02-05, 11:35 PM
i posted for people to make me an offer.... i need to see how much people are willing to offer for it to decide if its worth selling