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09-03-05, 02:15 AM
Nobody has posted this yet so I thought I would do the honors

EVGA Announces the e-GeForce 7800GT CO w/Copper Heatsink


EVGA, a leading provider of performance computing hardware, today announced the release of their e-GeForce™ 7800 GT CO w/Copper Heatsink (P/N: 256-P2-N517-AX) NVIDIA® technology-based graphics card. The new graphics card, another addition to EVGA's new EVTweak initiative, is spec'ed at a groundbreaking 470MHz core and 1.1GHz memory making it the fastest clocked 7800 GT on the market. It will be available from select online retailers for MSRP $469.99. As an exclusive launch offer, it is available for Pre-Order from EVGA.com at a special introductory price of $439.99 for a limited time.

The new e-GeForce 7800 GT CO w/Copper Heatsink is the next installment of the company's innovative leap forward in VGA cooling design, delivering unparalleled horsepower harnessed under the hood of EVGA's custom and stylish all-Copper heat-sink fan. The GeForce 7800 GPU delivers blazing frame rates and outstanding image quality so users can experience the performance of full-throttle graphics.

"Once again we enhance the best bang for your buck to gamers, The EVGA 7800 GT CO w/Copper Heatsink takes it to the next level with it's EVTweaked version, providing the fastest 7800GT available today." said Andrew Han, President and CEO of EVGA.


09-03-05, 02:28 AM
awesome! but i probably wont get 7xxx series. Lemme know when you guys release Geforce 8800GTX KO :P