View Full Version : Help- Windows XP X64bit SLI users forceware problem?

09-03-05, 01:23 PM
Can anyone with 6800GT SLI try running UT2004 in SLI mode with the latest (78.03/01) drivers and tell me if they get texture corruption/flashing in Windows XP pro 64bit? Any Unreal engine games do not run correctly in SLI mode for me in XP x64. They run fine in XP 32bit. I also see that the nvidia control panel reports the cards running at PCI Express X1 in XP 64- not PCI Express X8 like in 32 bit. Any ideas? I uninstalled and reinstalled the nforce4 64bit drivers and it had no effect. I am assuning it is a driver bug?

FarCry and Doom3 work fine in SLI mode in XP 64bit- just UT2004 and Shadow OPs (an Unreal engine game) have flashing textures- the 2d menus look fine though.


09-03-05, 02:05 PM
when I had 2 6800GTOs SLI didn't even work in x64. nvidia still working out the bugs in SLI for x64. you'll just have to wait for the other games to be supported.

09-03-05, 04:39 PM
i stop using win64 while i had SLI 6600gt's. SLI works okay in win64, but as LBJM saidm they are still working out the bugs.