View Full Version : Screen goes blank??

09-03-05, 06:56 PM
I just built a new computer
AMD 3500+
MSI NX6600GT-TD128E Geforce 6600GT
Rosewill rp500 psu
CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB)
Seagate Barracuda SATA

Anyway about 3 times since I had it when surfin a website the screen just went blank and the monitor said no signal detected one of the times the website had sound and I think that went screwy also. The computer is still running its just non responsive and no video signal of course after a reboot all is fine. So im not sure what it could be any ideas. I thought maybe the psu hiccuped or maybe the MoBo. It may not happen again either but you never know has anyone had this happen?

09-05-05, 06:00 PM
'no signal detected'... i think i had this problem a while back...yes it could very well be a psu or mobo problem. check out the outlet u have ur monitor and psu plugged into. if it doesnt happen again, then thats good, but open ur pc up in the future to make sure no damage was done

oh yeah, does ur psu offer good cooling? ive heard a lot of problems about those 6600 gt frying...check ur vid card too...and also some of ur parts may not be properly connected to the psu cables maybe...