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09-05-05, 05:38 AM
I have 2 X Asus 7800GTX's and they came with the Video in - Video out dongle. I have just purchased a Canon MV800I Video camera and want to use it on my PC (basic video editing / webcam) etc.....Does anyone know how I get the thing to work? What software do I need?

The cards came with Asus PowerDirector which is some video editing software.

I have plugged the VIVO dongle into the video card and the video camera cable (yellow plug) into the Input socket on the dongle.

09-05-05, 06:49 AM
just connect it (video camera) to the computer using a firewire cable....it is much easier

09-05-05, 06:53 AM
just connect it to the computer using a firewire cable and

I dont have a firewire cable at the moment. I am trying to use the VIVO dongle that came with the card. It has an "S-vid" type of connection that plugs into the video card and a breakout-box on the other end with "Input" and "output" sockets. One would asume from this that "VIVO" (Video In - Video - out) that one could plug ones video camera into the "Input" socket and view or capture (via editing software) what is being outputted from ones video camera.

09-05-05, 09:26 AM
There should be nvidia capture drivers (WDM) on the install CD to add the capture device to windows. Or


09-05-05, 11:12 AM
Dont expect any deinterlacing with these drivers or the 4.09 at nvidia.com. They are so slow any form of deinterlacing causes judders. I have had to use even or odd scanlines.
The 7800 has the worst video in I have ever used. I just hope this is because these drivers were made for the 6800.

Turning off backbuffering, if the app you use suports it, improves things conciderably.

09-06-05, 01:12 AM
You will also have to disable SLI to be able to use video in, otherwise you will get BSODs

09-06-05, 04:55 AM
You will also have to disable SLI to be able to use video in, otherwise you will get BSODs

Hmmm... I tried it this afternoon with the firewire cable and used it for about 45 minutes and all went well.