View Full Version : DMA conflict of status issue + 2 unknowns

09-05-05, 08:09 AM
Hey people I am running XP64 windows, ATHLON AMD64 3200+, MSI k8Neo4 Platinum, 512 DDR - custom built by self

Since installing the nvidia motherboard chipset (NFORCE 4) for this setup
a) I have 2 unknown devices which I can't resolve
b) DVD+- recorder is only seen to be a reader not a writer.

3 hours with microsoft this morning to rule out platform and a conference call with the dvd manufacturers to rule out device and this is the verdict:

"The problem with the DMA mode is likely to be with the Nvidia chipset drivers. Please contact Nvidia for driver updates or support on this issue."

Please could someone advise as to how I get support for nvidia chipset? I have the latest drivers installed....

Also had the same problem with a Gigabyte G8NF-9 mobo running the same set up... :afro2: