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09-05-05, 07:02 PM
i wish the picture was bigger :/

Looking at the floor plan for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show on September 16th is like gazing into an episode of the Twilight Zone that, at first, makes no sense at all. At a show like TGS, booth sizes tend to be pretty important. Basically, if you have a big booth, you'll have lots to show and you will have a pretty big presence. So going by that logic, shouldn't Microsoft who is using TGS as a pinnacle moment to show off the Xbox 360 in Japan...have the biggest booth? Well for some reason Microsoft's booth, while being moderate sized, is notably smaller than Konami, Namco, and even Sega. This is the first odd thing we noticed.

The next thing that should catch one's eye is the Square Enix booth located in the smaller developers room. Square Enix has always had a huge presence at TGS with vast kingdoms filled with tons of games and a giant screen for displaying trailers and events. Yet this time around, they have one of the smallest booths at the show. It is a bit surprising, and it definitely leaves us wondering if maybe they blew their wad a little too much on their earlier Square Enix Party back in July. But then again, with Final Fantasy XII not appearing at the show it might be better for them to not play up their appearance at this time.

The Last oddity is the huge Sega booth. While Sega was once a company with a giant presence back when they were a hardware player, lately they've been much smaller and closer to the booth size of developers such as Capcom or Tecmo. But this time around Sega is second in size only to the Sony booth! Does this mean they have some hidden games in store for show goers that will knock them off their feet? Well, We will have to wait 'til September 16th to find out. But then again, with the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 guaranteed to be duking it out at the show...maybe we'll see some really big games revealed from Sega. Can anyone say, next-gen Sonic or maybe a Virtua Fighter 5 home port? source (http://www.pspupdates.com/2005/09/tokyo-game-show-floor-plan-revealed.html#comments)

Mr. Hunt
09-05-05, 07:14 PM
Interesting... weird how small square enix and the microsoft booths are... thought microsoft would try to go all out for the Japanese market... yet they are smaller than Konami, Sega, and Namco :\.

EDIT: Wow... without even reading what you quoted I basically stated some of the same things... I guess I should read stuff first :\.