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12-26-02, 02:40 PM
Seeing that the nforce 2 i just picked up has dual nic cards on it, is there a possibility of using bother cards at the same time to great a greater connection? I have a second ip that is included with my cable package and such. All i would need to do is connect it through my switch and have 2 nics connected at once. Is there an app that could take advantage of this situation combining both for use on even different apps at the same time? An Example being using one nic to download from one site and the other to maintain a stable gaming connect?

12-26-02, 08:58 PM
well it depends if your isp caps your bandwith by ip or account.
If the it is capped by ip hehehe:D no need to say more, right?

But if its capped by account maybe you can improved efficiency so you can reach your theorical limit

go here a guy did this. He uses a program called Midpoint. The downside its not free but maybe theres a free one around...


12-26-02, 09:00 PM
Ahhh they offer a demo for 20 days fully functional..so try it and see if it works..

12-26-02, 09:20 PM
Coll i'll check it out. Its a great idea and glad to see someone has implimented it already. Now if it works as advertised all us Asus A7N8X board owners with dual nics could really put em to use

12-26-02, 09:37 PM
your modem wont allow 2 separate connections, each modem has a static HFC ip address and some other shizzle in it to identify it, you'd need 2 modems and 2 lines..

and the cap is at the modem, anything behind the modem will be 1.5mbps or 3 or whatever u pay for, whether there are 1 or 5 machines your gonna see 1.5mbps

besides, u dont need to go buy a 150 dollar motherboard to have 2 nics, u can pick em up for 15 bucks or cheaper... also, your nic has 100mpbs, 2 nics = 200mpbs, your cable = 1.5 or 3 or up to 10 if its uncapped, more/faster nics wont change that. it will make transfering files over your lan faster, thats it

12-26-02, 09:59 PM
Oh i got the motherboard for other reasons than the dual nic cards. Its the only nforce 2 board in town it seems. I went for the upgradeability of it and the sound. Its soo much better sounding than my old sblive value. I was just thinking of using the dual nic idea since its there. and well from reading that site even if you are capped at 1.5 its still better than the average of 200k a second per download. when combined it could equal 400k a second downstream. Nowhere touching what the cat5 cable can handle or the switch can handle but upping the limit of what i can suck downstream. Sort of like when you download from Kazaa and get multiple users to download from its usually faster than from a single person.

12-28-02, 01:13 PM
tell us if that works;)