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howard stern
12-26-02, 04:19 PM
I have owned cards based on Nvidia since the TNT cards. I have always used the beta drivers and never had a single issue until the 4X drivers popped up. Here is a list of my gripes:

1. The 4X drivers have way to many bugs and don't work at all with certain games like BF1942 and UT2003 for examples. I have searched many websites to confirm this before screaming about it.

2. The refresh rate fix is in a different spot in the registry for every new set of drivers, why! Why change it?

I know these drivers work for some of you but there are many people having issues with the latest set of drivers. I have tried most of the 4X and the latest 41.80 and still no go. I am using the 30.82 drivers and they work good but could be better. I am not a newbie and I do know how to install drivers so it is not user error. I just had to vent this has been driving me nuts for awhile.

12-27-02, 11:41 AM
Your not alone. I have continued to use the 30.82 drivers since they were released many months ago. They are incredibly stable. I never have had one problem with the 30.82's in any of my games. (25+) I play alot of Nascar Racing 2002 and every set in the 40.xx series is slower than the 30.82's by a wide margin in this game.

Now in 3DMARK 2001SE, the 30.82's aren't very good as they score almost 1000 pts less. But I don't play 3DMARK.

12-28-02, 01:31 AM
no probs at all here, using 42.01 dets. If you are having issues with the new drives, just go back to 3x.xx series ;)

howard stern
12-29-02, 01:22 AM
well I spoke a day to soon, I just tried the 42.01 with a refresh rate that works with these drivers and so far so good. Everything is at least as good as the 30.82 drivers and BF1942 seems to run a bit Smoother. Also UT2003 runs great in OGL and Direct 3d:D :D :D

12-29-02, 09:49 PM
I think the 4x.xx were built for dx9, and probably released entirely too early just to look good in the face of the 9700 and late NV30 :p

Its been a wierd year for NV I'd say.

12-30-02, 12:19 AM
Originally posted by SavagePaladin
Its been a wierd year for NV I'd say.

Second that! ;)

The Baron
12-30-02, 12:30 AM
Um... UT2k3 works great with the 4x.xx series. It's just you, dude.

12-30-02, 01:01 AM
well not all 4x.xx series, well, maybe it was just me, but with 40.72 and Ut2k3 I was getting alot of flashing, next dets fixed it tho and its been perfect and smooth sailin' ever since.:D