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09-07-05, 02:26 AM
1. Hooking up a 7800GTX card to a HDTV 30 Inch Samsung Slimfit WideScreen... Would i use HD Component out on the graphic card or a DVI to HDMI cable,, dvi on the graphic card and tv has a hdmi port. Would component be better or dvi-hdmi?

2. When i hook up a X-Fi soundcard to my 5.1-7.1 receiver i use a optical toslink cable, and put it in the hole under digital out,, and hook it up to my receiver Optical 2 Input,, what do i have to set it as, TV, DVD, CD? it makes me configure it..

Also, my games will be in High Definition right?

09-07-05, 06:43 AM
1) Use a DVI/HDMI cable. The PC will see you TV as a monitor so yiou set your video card to the TV's native resolution. You may lose the ability to see the POST using the component cables.

2) Use the SPDIF out on the X-Fi onlye for DVD playback. Does your tuner does not have discrete channel inputs? The X-Fi does not have Dolby Digital Live so anything on the PC besides pass-through DVD playback WILL NOT be in surround sound. You have to use the seperate channel inputs on the X-Fi or, in order to use the SPDIF only, get a different sound card that does Dolby Digital Live. One option is the HDA X-Mystique (http://www.nvnews.net/reviews/x-mystique/).

Once you get that sorted out, your tuner should have a menu to associate a SPDIF in with a function. I have my home theater tuner set to COAX1 for my HD-DVR and COAX2 set to DVD.

As for the games, go here http://www.widescreengamingforum.com/forum/ for advice on getting games to run at your TV's default resolution. Some games will support widescreen resolutions natively, like HL2 and UT2k3/4, other will require .cfg changes like Quake3 and Doom3.

09-07-05, 08:43 AM
I was afraid of that lol, sounds easier just to get a xbox360 :P I just wondering tho, will the sound on a xbox360 be better then my regular CD/DVD player.. and dvd playback? :P Tyvm. i think xbox360 would be cheaper and easier. and use my computer already has a hub for music storage.

09-09-05, 12:46 PM
Receiver: http://www.pioneeraus.com.au/home_entertainment/receivers/vsxd812/

How would i hook up a X-Fi to that, i would have to do both, Optical and Analogly?