View Full Version : Replacing my stock CPU/GPU Coolers.

09-07-05, 10:09 AM
I decided to upgrade my stock CPU/GPU coolers. I wanted to go with a water cooling solution,
but the price for a good one was just over $150 & I wasnt looking to spend that much.

I decided to be bold and get one of those BIG cpu coolers that can rival a decent water cooling setup.

Here is the CPU cooler I chose.


It's a Cooler Master Hyper 6 Copper Heatpipe.

I really wanted something that was bold, looked cool & this fit the bill. :cool:

I have yet to decide on the GPU cooler for my 6800NU.

I was thinking of going with a fanless heatpipe by evercool.


EverCool VC-RHA Universal & Noiseless HeatPipe VGA Cooler.

I also bought a HD cooler from cooler master.


Cooler Master Cool Drive 6.

My goal from the start was to make the inside of my case look alot more
striking from a cosmetic standpoint.

Everything will be run @ stock, no overclocking.

Price & Location.

[ Cooler Master Hyper 6 (http://www.svc.com/hyper6-19.html) ] $24.99 @ svc.com (normally goes for $40-$50)

[ Evercool VC-RHA Fanless Aluminum VGA Cooler (http://www.svc.com/ec-vc-rha-63.html) ] $14.99 @ svc.com (Out Of Stock)

[ Cooler Master Cool Drive 6 (Black) (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16835888206) ] $12.49! @ newegg.com (Normally goes for $50-$80)
[ Cooler Master Cool Drive 6 (Silver) (http://www.svc.com/lhd-v06-us-19.html) ] $9.99! @ svc.com

I am really on the fence about the fanless VGA cooler tho.. What do you guys think?

09-07-05, 05:56 PM
The cool drive won't cool your HD for crap. I suggest getting a Vantec Vortex, if you really wanna cool your HD.

09-08-05, 01:33 PM
It's more for the sexy front panel than actually keeping the HD cool. ;)

I have the CPU cooler & HD cooler already, just trying to decide on the video card cooler now.

Sucks when you just want to buy computer stuff because you havent in awile (like a month). :p

09-09-05, 02:20 AM
Besure you know that you void your video card warranty when you change coolers. The best cooler for video cards are the stock coolers. If you run at stock, there realy no need to replace it.

The inside of your case will need to be cool too. The fanless GPU solutions are not going to matter if your going to use a lot of case fans. My two case fans and PSU drown out my CPU and my 6800GT. And for appeal, I got two blue LED case fans and Antec True blue PSU. My PC Illuminates my entire room in blue at night. Very cool.

If you still want to replace the video card cooler. Go ahead. But don't post a "Ops I broke my card tring to mod it, because the card sucks" post.

09-09-05, 07:03 AM
I bought a eVGA 6800NU last summer and it only had a 1 year warranty, so warranty is not a factor. I just feel like tinkering with my setup.
I have 5 fans in my case.. top, back, side and two in front, so cooling should be sufficient.

My setup now is rock solid, but I just feel the need to change things up. I probably enjoy the upgrading aspect more than actually using the computer. :)