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09-07-05, 04:49 PM
Bad Day LA looks hot - I'm always interested in slightly 'different' games (Evil Genius, etc...), and pretty much anything by American McGee is likely to fit that bill with style. In any case - there's now a trailer for Bad Day LA over at Gametrailers, and it looks awesome to me (Note - I'm talking about the game-world here, rather than spectacular graphics, although I've always liked the Cell-shaded look):


For actual info on what the game is about check out the Gamespot stuff on it:


09-07-05, 05:41 PM
yep this is a game im waiting for.

09-08-05, 01:39 AM
Wow! What'cha talking about no spectacular graphics? it looks great, and those explosions!

From Gamespot:
The game stars a homeless man who must save the city of Los Angeles from zombies, terrorists, and natural disasters. :D

09-08-05, 02:11 AM
Wow! What'cha talking about no spectacular graphics? it looks great, and those explosions!

Heh - I agree, but it doesn't 'look good' in the same way as most 'looks good' games do here. In other words, it's not aiming at the photorealism ball, and instead looks like disaster warning pamphlets. Awesome, if you ask me.

Nitz Walsh
09-08-05, 11:31 AM
Stunning - the animation quality makes all the difference. Frankly, I'm even having a hard time believing that's all real-time, the animations are so detailed and those waves/explosions look too good to be true - this could possible be an intro move done with the games art assets, but with added effects - anyone know if this is all in-game?

09-08-05, 12:45 PM
Looking at the screenshots I would hazard a guess that the trailer is all pre-rendered and while the graphical style is the same, it is not totally indicative of what we will see in the game.

I'm very open to being pleasantly surprised though :D