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12-26-02, 05:16 PM
Hey all,

rather than go out and buy a card to have more than 4 ide devices, i've decided to sell my ir2000 drive. This reads cd-roms at 52x and has remote capabilities....

included are the drive, remote and driver/software cd.

By the way, this drive is generally only availiable in asia... it is a great drive, i had lots of fun with it, but i already have a dvd drive and cd burner, so i figured this would be he one i have to let go...:(

Offers welcome!

more info at:

01-13-03, 05:57 PM
still availiable!

02-04-03, 08:27 PM
What is the price of this cdrom and dose it come with a remote?

02-05-03, 05:57 AM
it does have a remote... You can make a cash offer... like i said, these are only availiable in asia, so i have no idea on price... Normal creative cd-rom blasters are around 35-40 i think...

I'll also take trades... I'm really looking at the moment for a video card, sound card, speakers and single sided DDR


02-08-03, 06:09 PM
IR2000 bump :super:

02-19-03, 08:59 AM