View Full Version : Help! How to switch back to CRT mode?

09-07-05, 08:15 PM

I've got a MX440 in a WinXP box. While checking out features of the new driver (78.01), I unfortunately switched to TV-only mode by mouse gestures. Now my CRT is shut down, and I got no TV to plug into the card.

The only way to write this was to boot Windows pressing F8 and start it in 640x480 VGA mode. Not really amazing... If I try to raise the resolution, CRT turns black (TV only mode?).

It seems that drivers are not fully loaded, i.e. I can't find the menu (to switch back to CRT only mode) any more.

How can I undo theese changes or set it back to standard while in failsafe mode?

Please help!
Thanks in advance

09-08-05, 03:21 AM
This should restore a GeForce card to detect the CRT on boot:

1) Boot in Safe Mode (not VGA mode)
2) De-install NVIDIA gfx drivers
3) reboot in safe mode (not VGA mode)
4) re-install NVIDIA gfx drivers
5) reboot normal mode