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09-07-05, 09:19 PM
I have pretty much decided on the EVGA version but I am having trouble sorting out which one. There are a number of different serial numbers kicking around. I have heard:

A Google search led me here (http://www.hothardware.com/printarticle.cfm?articleid=708) and I found this:

"Should you be in the market for one of EVGA's GTX cards, pay attention to the model numbers. The 256-P2-N528-AX and 256-P2-N538-AX BF2 Edition have 450MHz core clock speeds, but the 256-P2-N525-AX (only available on EVGA's website) has its core clocked at 430MHz."

I am looking at 3 cards and am trying to figure out if they are the same cards:

This card has the serial number of the card with the lower clock speed. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814130248

I'm wondering if these next two cards differ as to their memory clock speed or is it just the way they are described.



Is there any difference between these 3 cards other than price and what they are bundled with?

Thanks very much for the help.

09-07-05, 09:48 PM
N525 no free mobo or game. Cheapest evga.

N528 get a free game on 2nd monarch link. First monarch link seems to be just the card but its 20$ more than the N525 because it has slight OC on it.

09-08-05, 01:20 AM
The HotHardware article at the time it was published was correct.

Now EVGA has tweaked the N525-AX version to the same clock speeds as the other 2 part numbers (N528 and N538 w/BF2)


09-08-05, 05:54 AM
Are the two Monarch cards clocked at the same speed:

Card #1: 256MB 256-bit 1.6ns (8x32) DDR3 Memory (600MHz clock - 1.2GHz effective)

Card #2: 1200 MHz (effective)

Are they 2 ways of saying he same things?

Anyway, the Battlefield combo loooks to be the best deal.

09-08-05, 06:20 AM
I mean memory speed..sorry

09-09-05, 01:13 AM
1.2GHz = 1200MHz


09-09-05, 11:34 AM
Does anyone know of or can find a timeline for the 7800 GTX KO edition with ACS3?

09-09-05, 12:18 PM
Does anyone know of or can find a timeline for the 7800 GTX KO edition with ACS3?

If you can't find the KO edition you can always order the ACS3 for any other model...

09-09-05, 01:38 PM
BFG card does factory 500/1300 (for some reason advertised as 460/1300, understated for the core speed). For ~$50 more you get more bang (would have to order from a different place).

In spite of what I just said, try to avoid ordering from Monarch. They are EXTREMELY slow in processing and shipping. My experience with them is that a Fedex overnight order usually takes 5 business days to get here (midwest), where as newegg would get it to me the next day.