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09-08-05, 01:16 PM
Hi guys, first post :)

I'll probably be moving from ATI to nvidia world in a near future. The cause is simple, ATI has one of the crapiest linux drivers in the whole world.

Now, i need your opinion regarding my next buy.
Option 1 - Asus G6600 256 MB AGP 8X
Option 2 - XFX NX 6600GT TD128MB DDR3 AGP 8X

Now both have 128 bit mem interface, DDR3, 8 pipes but ram size and speed are different. Also core frequencies are different.

Ok, i have two questions
1) Can i overclock the non GT asus to the XFX GT level ?
2) Does the extra mem in the non GT compensates it's slower mem/core speeds when compared to XFX.

Extra question :D
What would you buy ?

Thanks in advance, take care :beer:


09-08-05, 01:28 PM
I'd go for the GT since it has a lot better memory speed.Whats the price difference?

09-08-05, 01:30 PM
It's memory bandwidth that is important the 6600 series. While you'll see larger memory sizes on some of the non-GT cards, it's a gimmick to make them look like a better deal.

Stick with the GT, you'll also be able to overclock the GT further and really garner some fantastic performance.

09-08-05, 01:37 PM
Most of the time the plain 6600 256mb has slower memory and want hit the speeds of the 6600GT 128mb ,but if you can find a plain 6800 it will be faster then the 6600GT because of the 12pipes and sometimes you get lucky and are able to unlock the other 4 pipes and extra vertex shader.

09-08-05, 01:59 PM
Thanks for the replies so far guys :thumbsup:

The non GT Asus is 162
The XFX GT is 198


09-08-05, 02:19 PM
1) no
2) no

I would buy the 6600GT or 6800nu.
also try for a cheeper 66GT.

09-08-05, 02:51 PM
get the gainward 1980
its a 6600gt 256mb should be out in a week for 200

09-08-05, 11:16 PM
6600gt Or 6800nu