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09-08-05, 08:47 PM
K, I bought a Samsung 710N II today and it wont show red, it shows orange as red. What I dont get is, you need red to make orange. Ive tried pretty much everything you can to make it work. Pic....


09-08-05, 08:50 PM
Erm... I cant see anything in that picture. Might want to take a pic of the screen if youre having screen problems :o

09-08-05, 09:10 PM
K, ill take one :/ http://jonbuder.com/aphot/DSCF0353.JPG

09-08-05, 09:17 PM
get a pic of an ati logo. that way, you are using a red color from an external source, not a color your pc created. also, try the lcd on another pc, to take out the chance of it baing your video card. does you card havbe more than one video out? if so, try the other one

09-08-05, 09:34 PM
ive tried both, even when the monitor is not plugged in and it shows RBG the red is orange.

09-08-05, 09:37 PM
ati :(


09-08-05, 09:52 PM
yah, that is fubered...

09-08-05, 10:07 PM
return or RMA time i believe :(

09-08-05, 10:18 PM
The past 2 LCD's have done that. BenQ FP71G+ and this samsung 710N II. When I took the BenQ back to the store they tested to "defectiveness" and red was orange. So maybe its my house.

09-09-05, 12:32 AM
Hmm...are you using DVI? If so, try it on a fresh install of windows. You may just have an awkward color calibration setting somewhere, and there are numerous programs out there that can tinker with it and cause that (e.g. printer drivers, photoshop, etc)

09-09-05, 08:24 AM
try it through d-sub.

09-09-05, 04:17 PM
Its not my pc, ive tried different power outlets, but how could this same problem happen with 2 lcd monitors??

09-09-05, 04:49 PM
Could be your house...

But yeah, If the built-in RGB menu on the monitor itself is orange then it's not your PC at all. I don't have an LCD here myself, but is there a color temp setting like CRT's or I know this Samsung 997df has an sRGB setting that turns everything orange if it's on.

The pics look red to me though. I can see a big diff between red and orange on your MSN logos. Just a little orang-ish here.

09-09-05, 05:38 PM
Since you said you bought multiple LCDs (different brands) and you still experienced this, I doubt there is a problem with the actual LCD screen or you have extremely weird luck.

Have you tried degaussing, using a different outlet, a power conditioner, temp settings, digital vs. analog, different lighting in your room.

Yellow light from light bulbs plus red does = orange.

not sure what else to tell you. If all else fails, try to return and buy new.

Good luck.

09-09-05, 05:47 PM
I say you overclock the red channel ;)

09-09-05, 05:55 PM
Well, im returning it and going back to my crt. Thanks for all the help.

Probably going to buy a double kick pedal for my drum set.

09-09-05, 06:50 PM
lmao :P poor you

09-09-05, 11:18 PM
Have you tried degaussing

LCD's aren't magnetic, so they can't get gaussed to begin with.