View Full Version : Bought the retail verson of UT2K3

12-27-02, 02:32 AM
OpenGL or Direct3D?
Can't decide. Play with vsync. Runs very, very fast.

Help make my decision people. :)

Might I add, the graphics are alright though they would be much better if they were lower res.
SP sucks, MP R0x0RZ JuiceZ's boxorz. (why did I have to bring JuiceZ into this? :eek: who know, maybe next I might proclaim my undying love for him) ;) :p :D

12-27-02, 03:42 AM
turn off vsync for my fps!
also i play with direct3d, i played with opengl b4 but that may be faster, but graphic wise wasnt as good, i mean it had some graphical flaws and bugs with the redeemer and ion cannon :D

12-29-02, 09:48 AM
I'd stick with d3d. With the 2166 patch, its actually usable <g>
OK OK, it was before, but le game was a bit slow. anyway.

I'd say this is where they finally have the game fixed up acceptably :p

Can't wait for the bonus pack, and theres already some cool gametypes (Deathball, mebbe King of the Hill which I dled but haven't installed yet)

12-31-02, 12:13 PM
Not to fuel any D3D vs OpenGL war, but UT2003 was optimized for D3D so I use D3D. Just look at the little pool in DM-Antalus. In D3D you will see moss in the pool whereas in OGL, you won't.

I know with my Geforce4 ti4600, D3D is faster in UT2003...but not straight out of the box. In UT2003.ini for D3D, reducemouselag is set to true but in OpenGL it is set to false. Reducemouselag=True makes a big hit on FPS. Set to false D3D is faster. Some systems can encounter mouselag but my dual optical mouse offsets it. Others (not sure about Radeon owners) can reduce the number of frames rendered ahead for D3D to zero in their display properties. You lose a couple of FPS you gained, but no mouselag.

I play with V-Sync off. Vsync makes the game controls laggy.

I recommend using the 2136 patch. The recently released 2166 patch reduced FPS by 15-20% on several systems (mine included) and caused several connection problems playing online. The UT2003 official site pulled 2166 from their download section. That's a good indicator of how buggy the new patch is.

01-01-03, 10:11 AM
D3D should be faster, it is for me (retail). Also, shadows dosent look as good in OpenGL, but that might change lateron when the openGl part of ut2003 matures :)

In general OpenGL is faster, but not this time (due to the UT engine)

01-01-03, 11:48 AM
in the earlier ut2003 patches, ogl was faster than d3d. but in the latest patch, d3d is way faster hands down. it also looks better :)

01-01-03, 12:54 PM
2166 does some wonderful things, truly.

This is the game I wanted to buy when I paid for UT2003 :)

Now wheres my bonus pack...

(and to stay mostly on topic, I've used d3d since the first patch)

01-01-03, 09:06 PM
yeh the 2166 patch did wonders for everyone, nearly everones complaints for fixed and added etc (except mine, i wanted the enforcers back :( ) thats how they should of released the game in the first place :rolleyes:

The Baron
01-01-03, 09:18 PM
If you want REALLY good framerates without a reduction in accuracy (really, that's what reducemouselag does, it kills your accuracy), turn on shadow blobs and turn on compatibility mode for sound (in the ini file). Also turn off Coronas. They just get in the way of aiming... ;)