View Full Version : 78.01-03 BF2 problems

09-10-05, 09:58 AM
has anyone had any werid issues with bf2, gf6XXX & the 78.01-03 drivers?

like the below;

-screen flicks black while playing.
-screen freezes for a a sec or two then resumes normal.
-screen freezes in werid yellow lines, corrupt gfx then resumes to normal.

I switched back to 77.30 and tried several maps and havn't got a black screen or freeze yet. btw i also had to replace my card as it was faulty (issue 1) but i've had the second two issues with my new card but sofar on 77.30 its been alright. So perhaps the 1st issue was due to the card being faulty. (fan got louder and constant high pitch whine.) took back today got a msi 6600 256mb.
screwed card was asus 6600gt 128mb, sadly faster but they had no more in stock.

09-10-05, 10:20 AM
just get the 77.77s... 78.03s offer no benefits for anything but 7800s except for the profile fix

09-10-05, 10:23 AM
yea? i'll try them out shortly.

09-11-05, 02:28 PM
I'm using 78.03 with my 6800GT and bf2, havent noticed any of the issues you've listed.

09-11-05, 03:52 PM
I disabled fastwrites and installed 78.03 again, sofar so good.

09-11-05, 09:16 PM
just get the 77.77s... 78.03s offer no benefits for anything but 7800s except for the profile fix
good idea but 77.77 is identical to 78.01 which he says causes the problem.

09-12-05, 10:31 AM
I think the turning off of fastwrites fixed the problem, played several games of bf2 today, no freezes, artifacts or weridness. is there really a fps difference, as i havn't noticed one.

also i installed a chipset fan today to cool down my case a bit more. also raised the cpu fan ratio to max in bios was 35% now 60%. not much difference in noise, still quite quiet. :)

cpu idle: 45*c idle
cpu load: around 55*c
mobo: 44*C
hdd(s) 49*c 49*c

that good?

been testing oc'n the card gained 10fps in css stress test from oc'n abit, switched back to default clocks for now. can't remember how high it went 3XX/58X something i think, next time i'll right them down ;)

09-13-05, 03:40 PM
Also set your AGP aperture to match the 256MB on your card, this is if you use the high texture setting in BF2.