View Full Version : 3-way audio splitter/selector box?

09-11-05, 12:13 AM
I've got a computer setup in which I have different audio requirements for different situations. I use my computer for gaming, music and movies. When I game, I want to use my headset/headphones. When I listen to music, I use my nice PC speakers, and when I watch DVDs (Or one of my many downloaded television shows), I use my DVD rom and port the picture and sound from my PC to my TV.

Here's my problem. Anytime I switch modes, I need to crawl under my desk and swap one of the audio plugs (headphones, PC speakers or pc2tv line. What I imagine would solve my problem is a 3 way splitter with a selector switch on it that sits on my computer desk. Each of the three cords will plug into it and the selector would plug into my sound card. Depending which function I want to use my computer for, I could just flip the switch on the slector/splitter to the appropriate spot and that source would get a direct feed from my sound card while the other two would get nothing. I'm sure a 3 way splitter would be easy to find, but I don't want audio going to all three at the same time... hence the selector

So, my question is.... does that kind of product exist? If not, is it easily made? It doesn't seem like it'd be that complicated, but I don't know if the demand is enough for such a product to exist.

Any help in locating or making one would be greatly appreciated.


09-11-05, 04:42 AM
First of all, get a number of $2 extension cords and you won't have to crawl under your desk to do a manual unplugging job.

Radio Shack sells the switchbox you need for $69 USD. They used to sell one with RCA cables, but it may have gone off the market. If you can't find a switchbox with RCA jacks, consider buying a 3-way (or more) speaker switchbox and cutting off the plugs from your cables to insert into the speaker terminals. Alternately, get a mixing board or DJ mixer with at least three line level inputs.