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09-11-05, 01:30 AM
I tried to post this to the BFG thread, but it was closed. I've read everything I can find on this forum and others but can't solve the freezing/BSOD problems with the BFG 6800U OC. What's worse, is that its also cost me a hard drive and 2 motherboards to date. So here's my experience:

I had 2 X BFG 6800U OC set up in a Gigabyte K8NXP-SLI with a RAID 0 on 2 Seagate 120 SATAs. When running benchmarks at stock settings, the computer would freeze. Would have to hit reset. Upon rebooting, my RAID array would be contaminated. If I powered down, the RAID array would reset. I reformatted like 5 times before the chipset in the MB died. So I figured it was a MB problem and got that RMA'ed with no problems. Then I set this same configuration up in a DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR. Same situation, kept freezing. When rebooting my RAID array was corrupt. Eventually the DFI died (wouldn't power at all anymore) and so did one of my hard drives. So I RMA'ed the DFI and replaced the hard drives with the setup in my signature. I also thought heat could be a problem (although I have 5 case fans in my Lian Li PC65 and never saw my temps go past 55C), so I installed an Exos 2 system and paid dearly for the correct water blocks for GPUs, CPU, and MB chipset.

When I got the Gigabyte back, my colors were shot. Apparently one of the BFG cards had a bad GPU. (Initial boot screen had pink letters mixed with the white.) Because I put water cooling on the card, my warranty is being denied. We're currently trying to see if it can be fixed, at my expense. So I'm down to 1 video card. I put the single card in the Gigabyte and it runs fine.

Then I get my DFI back and setup the same exact system in the DFI. The system freezes randomly and gives BSOD's, never with the same error twice. Its not drivers as this system was formatted every time I had to start over. I uninstall the (78.01) nvidia drivers, take out the BFG and put in an ABIT X600 and no more problems. Again, because I've put water cooling on these cards, they won't be covered under warranty. These cards were never OC'ed (except what BFG does at the factory) and never got hot. In fact, they ran much cooler with the Exos than they ever did with the stock air and crappy heat sink that BFG uses (replaced with Arctic Silver 5).

I'm now convinced that the BFG video cards were the source of all my problems from the beginning. I tried every driver available from Nvidia as they put them out, but nothing solved the issue. I have around 100 hrs of use on the first card and 300 hours on the second, and I'm going to eat a $1800AUD investment because I used water cooling? Well I'm not so sure that BFG doesn't deserve a little criticism.

Now I can buy 2 BFG 7800U OC with water cooling already installed and get the life time warranty, for the same price that I paid for the 6800s. However, I'm not made of $ and not sure I trust them again to honor their warranty anyway.

I own/operate Ultramax Custom Computers. This is one of my own systems, which I intended to display at LAN parties that we sponsor, and use every day. I've been building systems for 14 years. I deal with suppliers every day, and BFG is the first company to deny a warranty claim (I don't submit bogus claims). My supplier has been great and is looking into fixing the card on his own. I'm sure part of this is to keep our business, but not sure I feel comfortable recommending BFG to my customers based on this experience.

If anyone has ever found a solution to the freezing and BSOD's with the 6800s, I'd sure like to know about it. As for BFG, depending upon how they resolve this situation will dictate whether I buy from them again, let alone pass their products on to my customers. :-)

09-11-05, 02:24 AM
Are you using 32-bit windows or 64-bit?
Have you tested both cards seperately? You mentioned one works fine in the Gigabyte board, but does the other one work fine on it's own as well?
Have you checked that both cards have the same bios?

09-11-05, 06:42 AM
THe first part totally sounded like your PSU is crapping out or just can't mantain the voltages. Have you ever tried running the setup in non SLi or with other cards? Basically you keep doing the same thing and keep experiancing the same error so it could be something your missing, you keep trouble shooting the Cards but not other component.

09-11-05, 01:43 PM
32 bit XP SP2, always updated. I have a neat little batch file that installs all current updates after formats (thanx to my geeky wife). :-)

Both cards were bought at the same time and have the same BIOS. They even worked fine for a couple weeks in SLI on the Gigabyte.

The nice thing about owning a custom computer business is that I have plenty of spare parts around. Every component on this system has been interchanged at one point or other to trouble shoot the problems. I started out with a 3500+ Winchester. Same problems. Also started with an Antec True Control, and then went to an Antec True Power (both 550w). Same problems. So I spent the big $ to get the (DFI recommended) OCZ Powerstream. Same problems.

Trying both cards by themselves is what proved that one had a bad GPU. The card which is RMA'ed had the color problems, the one I still have didn't. I haven't' had both back yet to try in the DFI again. The BSOD and Windows freezing is with the second (single) card. BFG already verified that the first card had a bad GPU. They're not disputing that the cards are faulty, their dispute is with providing a warranty on them due to the water cooling. I was told "Once that glue (holding the fan wires) is broken, the warranty is no longer valid". You have to remove the wires to get the fans off and put the water blocks on.

Now with the second card, the system freezes randomly. Doesn't matter if I'm playing Madden '06, checking email on outlook, or just sitting idly. Windows just freezes. Upon reboot, the most 'common' error is BSOD 'system_check_error' (although the BSOD has like 10 different errors at any given time). Then it loses the RAID array and I have to power down to reset it. Won't run for more tha a few hours at a time, and sometimes freezes immediately. I've read every one of MS's fixes for the BSOD errors, but nothing was conclusive or pointed to a fix that made any difference.

I replaced the card with a Radeon X600XT and have been running for a week with no problems. I can't afford to lose any more hardware to further trouble shoot the 6800U.

No doubt in my mind that this was all being caused by the 2nd BFG card. I'll send this one back to the supplier to look at after we figure out what's happening with the first card. The question comes down to standing behind your product. As I said, my supplier has been great, but BFG hasn't stood up to the plate as of yet. :-)