View Full Version : anyone else having problems....

09-11-05, 08:45 AM
Staying connected on servers when playing CS:s?

suddenly for the last week I havent been able to play for more than 10 minutes.
needless to say Im pissed since this is the only game I play anymore and as soon as I start getting into it it disconnects and starts trying to reconnect to the server.

Im wondering if its my router (old linksys with problems) but I connected the modem straight and this was still going on, just not as quickly. well any thoughts? Should I reinstall the program? is this going on with other people?

09-11-05, 08:51 AM
I've had no issue...

09-11-05, 05:48 PM
nevermind, it was my stupid router.... guess I need to pop for a new one.