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09-11-05, 01:59 PM
hey all, i've been running into some problems lately with my rig. it's been freezing on me pretty randomly for the past week or so, and i just can't figure out the problem. i reformatted last weekend, still end up freezing with fresh installs of everything. it usually happens if i leave my computer on overnight, but then it'll just sometimes do it when i come to use it and just like move the mouse or something. i've been told over on hardforums that it could be a hardware issue because it's a hard lock...i don't really have time to part everything out and test each piece seperately. but just on a hunch, could my second 6600gt be the culprit? i don't remember running into any problems like this before i had it installed, and it's really the only new piece of hardware in my system right now (besides my wintv 150 pvr, which isn't even being used right now because i don't have a coax cable long enough)

i've checked event viewer to see what problems have happened to the system, and after googling for a few minutes i see this could be graphics card related:

Event ID: 106 Silent Running: Stress test transition: L0 -> L0

could that be enough to freeze my system? i have my cards overclocked @ 557/1115, along with my cpu at 2.6ghz and ram around 216mhz (i think that's the # with the divider i'm running). i had the cpu a little higher, but decided to put it down a couple notches to see if it helps any, which it hasn't.

or could this be a power issue? i've been thinking of buying a neopower 480 to replace my modstream 450, but haven't been sure if it would be a big enough upgrade. in my opinion, it would, with it's dual rails and people raving about it's rock solid voltages. my modstream has seemed to go down since installing the new hardware. my 12v is at 11.712 right now, but has dipped below that to the high 11.6's before. i've also tried turning off two of my case fans to see if that relieves any pressure on the ps, but i haven't noticed any change. should i remove one of my 6600gt's to see if that helps?

if anyone thinks replacing my powersupply would fix this, i'd appreciate the info, as i can get a pretty good deal on buy.com with a coupon i have to get it at around 80 bucks. thanks

P.S. - if this should be in another forum, please move it. just thought i should post here as i found at error in event viewer and it seems to be gfx card related...

09-11-05, 02:52 PM
I'd start by running everything at stock first. If that doesn't help, try removing one of the 6600s. Also, try running with the side of the case off just to eliminate heat as a possibility. I thought a 500 PS was recommended for SLI although maybe that was just for the 7800s. My guess would be the power supply but maybe some of the guys that have been running 6600s in SLI can provide more insight.

09-11-05, 03:12 PM
well i know heat isn't an issue...my cpu is idling at 33C right now, and that's with only 3 out of my 5 case fans running. and my gpu's are idling at about 41-42C and 38C respectively...i'll try running at stock speeds and see if i run into any problems

i'm pretty sure having a 450W ps for 6600gt's in sli is ok, as they don't have power connectors on them like the 6800's do, so i thought their power consumption was low enough that you can use 400+ power supplies

will post back later after i set everything back to stock

Acid Rain
09-11-05, 05:25 PM
Also, Jeri, if running stock and pulling out the 66er doesn't help, pull that WinTV card out. I've seen these cards cause problems like this on other people's machines before.

I know you said it isn't being used, but just being installed in your machine is all it takes.

09-11-05, 05:35 PM
ok, thanks for the tip...i'm back at stock for everything right now (cpu, memory and vid cards)...gonna see if it helps at all before i start pullin stuff out. will leave the computer on overnight and see if i run into any problems in the morning. thanks for the help so far. will check back in tomorrow most likely

also, if running at stock seems to fix things, what does that most likely mean? a power supply issue where it can't handle the overclocks? just wondering...

09-12-05, 08:44 AM
ok, woke up today with no freeze @ stock speeds, so it looks like my overclock is the culprit as far as i know (barring any lockups today while i'm at class during the day). so any ideas what this means? because it almost always froze if i left it on overnight while i had my cpu, memory and gpu's overclocked

09-12-05, 09:53 AM
its probably not a heat issue with the temps you mentioned, plus it would be idling all night (you didnt mention if you fold or something?) and if it was PSU, random reboots are usually their #1 symptom. Some hardware just doesnt like being overclocked and Id imagine that was the problem, given the chance to take a guess Id say it was the overclock on the video card and not the CPU causing the issues from my experience with CPU overclocking.

My 2 cents.

09-12-05, 03:26 PM
yeah, got the same response over on hardforum more or less... the problem seems to lie somewhere in my overclock, so i'm gonna go back to my OC for my cpu and see if that runs fine, then i'll play around with my graphics cards and see where i can get. thanks for the help everyone

Acid Rain
09-12-05, 09:17 PM
yeah, got the same response over on hardforum more or less... the problem seems to lie somewhere in my overclock, so i'm gonna go back to my OC for my cpu and see if that runs fine, then i'll play around with my graphics cards and see where i can get. thanks for the help everyoneIs it Prime95 Blend test stable? For 8 hours or so? Prime 95 roots out CPU/FSB/RAM oc instability rather well. With it, you can eliminate these parts from the equation very effectively.

09-13-05, 12:48 AM
see that's the thing, it was prime stable(in-place large test)...but then i overclocked my videocard, and i don't think i ran prime again, so maybe that was the problem and was just overclocked too much. i'm gonna reapply the settings i had for my cpu and memory tonight and prime it while i sleep. we'll see what happens in the morning

Acid Rain
09-13-05, 03:16 AM
see that's the thing, it was prime stable(in-place large test)...but then i overclocked my videocard, and i don't think i ran prime again. Prime is only going to show you if you've got issues with your CPU, North Bridge, and Ram. An OC on the graphics card end will have no effect on your system's Prime stableness as it does not test the AGP bus or the card.

If it was Prime stable with the CPU/FSB/RAM OC, then that is not, or should not be, the culprit, unless your mainboard does not allow for a PCI or AGP clock lockdown while ocing the FSB. If the AGP/PCI busses OC with the fsb, then it could still be the issue, Prime stable or not.

I hope this makes sense. I've had 4 beers and am a severe alcohol lightweight. :D What I've said is true, but the wording may be funkeh to follow.

09-13-05, 07:55 AM
yeah...so it could most likely be the settings i had my graphics cards at if my OC was prime stable at the time...tried settings a little lower than what i had at before for my cpu & ram, ended up running prime for a lil more than hour so i still got some work ahead of me

09-13-05, 02:10 PM
ok ran prime for about 6 hours, no problems at 2.58GHz w/ 1.6v and memory at 215mhz w/ 2.8v. will run memtest tonight when i play around with timings. so i think i may stick with this as it's only about 5mhz lower than what i was at before, but i'll gladly give that up to be stable and not have to spend the money on more hardware (which i may do anyway since i haven't bought anything in a while :D). now onto the graphics cards. will check back in soon

09-14-05, 09:43 AM
ok well everything seems to be in order. final overclocks:

CPU @ 2.58hmz
Memory @ 215mhz & 2-3-3-7 2T timings
Vid Cards @ 555/1110 each in SLI

6 hour Prime Stable (will do another run tonight while i sleep because that's all i had time for during the day yesterday)
20 Passes of Memtest overnight last night = no errors
7014 score in 3DMark05 - only about 55 point drop compared to my previous overclocks, which isn't too bad

overall i'm pretty happy that i was able to fix the problem (hopefully...keepin my fingers crossed & ::knock on wood:: ) thanks to everyone for their help and patience with me.