View Full Version : BF2 crash with new components

09-12-05, 10:22 AM
welp, after being gone to the other side after purchasing my ATI 9800 pro, barton 2800, twinmos 1gb comp about year and a half ago i have returned to the magical world of Nvidia. well i hope it is magical because-

i had been playing battlefield 2 without any problems on my previous system. now i have upgraded inisides to MSI KN8 Platinum SLI motherboard, Leadtek TDH 6800 256mb card, same system ram, same WD raptor drive on SATA, samsung 80gb 8mb-cache ata HD for the OS (fresh install).

and i was playing BF2 last night then all of a sudden i got a BSOD well after about 15 mins of play. it moved past too fast for me to see what the error was but everything else seems "ok" as it only been put together for 3 days.

I am using latest mobo bios, 6800 drivers, latest onboard creative drivers (even though im having to use software mode ingame as it doesnt support the Live 24 bit)

any ideas why the BSOD?

TY ;)

09-12-05, 11:11 AM
If it doesnt come back it was probably just a fluke. It could have been anything. Keep an eye on the temperatures for your video card (in display properties) and your CPU (in the BIOS).

09-16-05, 10:55 AM

did you notice the words "Kernel Stack Error" on the BSOD?

I get those a lot - and it seems to be heat related, because on reboot, i get an alert with a "CPU Fan Error" as it boots up my drives.

i use an Nvidia/AMD based system.