View Full Version : Asus WHQL 29.80 Drivers

12-27-02, 09:43 AM
Hi guys, I am looking for a copy of these drivers, if anybody has a copy or knows where I can find them can you please let me know, thanks! I have search the web and all links are broken to the Asus FTP site and nobody has them mirrored anymore.

12-27-02, 11:38 AM
I may still have a copy at home (Im at work now). Is there a size cap on your email? If not I can send them to you (assuming I still have them). I dont remember the size.

Are you having problems with the latest Asus dets (31.40F) or something? They work great for me, in fact better than any of the Nvidia 4x.xx series. If they just had a refresh rate fix and a D3D Aniso switch, Id be content.

12-27-02, 11:41 AM
Thanks for the offer but after much search I found a copy in my files. I use these ones cause they have been the most stable with overclocking and I can use my favorite programs like NVMAX and NVrefresh tool. I was using the 40.** series for a while but they were never designed to improve performance on older geforces like mine. Thanks again!