View Full Version : Gigabyte 8IPE1000-L Rev 2.0 and Dual Channel

09-14-05, 01:35 AM
My motherboard is Gigabyte 8ipe1000-L Rev 2.0 Flashed to the latest bios FI
I currently have bought 3 sticks of Twinmos BH5 PC3200 model no:m2g9j16a-pp and i had previously a twinmos 512 module model no:m2g9j16a-mk.
When i install all the 4 modules(in dual channel mode),they all heat up more than the 512 mb module i had before and the old 512 mb module cannot stand up the heat and starts to give serious errors and hangs.

Is it normal for the memory to heat up more in dual channel than in single channel mode?
I checked in speedfan and the memory voltage stays the same in all the situations:2.56V.
I checked in the bios and there is no option to disable dual channel mode.
What must i do to prevent this excessive heatup since i am not overvolting any of the parts of the motherboard:dimm,agp,vcore(all are at default settings.).

09-14-05, 02:41 AM
weird - add some heat spreaders......

09-14-05, 01:52 PM
i installed 4 memory modules of Twinmos BH5 memory 512MB PC3200.
For testing i used the software (bootable cd) MEMTEST86.
All the memory modules are the same size and brand and specifications.
The problem is that if i install all the memory modules (4) the motherboard enters dual channel mode and i get errors in the test number 5 of the program MEMTEST 86.
Before i bought the RAM i flashed to the latest bios FI.
I tested the memory module by module in the first slot and all the modules passed all the tests (only one module tested once).
Then i wanted to see if dual channel works with 2 ram modules so i installed one ram in the first slot and another in the third.I did the tests AND NO ERRORS FOUND.
Then i tried the slots second and fourth,again NO ERRORS FOUND.So,the ram works ok with 2 modules installed,there are no damaged slots.
Then i tried to test if i have problems with 3 modules installed.I installed the ram in the second,third and fourth slot and the tests WORKED FLAWLESSLY.
So,the only problem is when i install all the four modules and the motherboard enters dual channel mode,i get errors in the test number five of the program MEMTEST86.
Can you help me in this problem?

I noticed the northbrige is hotter than before when i install more memory modules.
Increasing DRAM voltage just increases the number of errors.