View Full Version : Nforce 4 chipset + Raid0 = Bios Update Concerns

09-14-05, 07:51 PM
Has anyone had any experience updating the bios of a nforce 4 motherboard which is using raid 0? I heard that the raid info is stored on the hard drives so a bios update shouldn't do much? I was wondering about how normally you select the hard drives to be raided in the bios (as well as enabling raid). Wouldn't this be wiped out with a bios upgrade? Would this part at least have to be changed?

I have a brand new computer which I have installed win2k on. It has 2 maxtor diamondmax 10 250gb sata drives in raid 0. Just wondering if there should be any preperations before making the update. (Besides backup - nothing to backup right now). Thanks for any info. :confused:

09-15-05, 01:56 AM
No dude, the RAID information is stored on a seperate chip to the bios.
After you have done your flash, it should remain intact but even if it doesn't you can simply set it back to how it was during POST, it should pop up giving you an option to hit a key to enter RAID setup while the system is booting.

Might be a good idea to just pop in and write down the settings that are currently there first just incase.

09-15-05, 07:38 AM
Bios updates won't affect your raid0 config. For raid0 the stripe config is written onto the first drive in the array afaik, or both, so your data won't be lost. You can even swap drives around on the cables and your array will still work.

Do not re-enter the nvraid bios with F10 and recreate your stripe after updating the bios, that will reset the raid array. Just like it would if you did it any other time.

It's possible that if the cmos is cleared after a bios update, that nvraid will not be enabled within your bios for the drives in your array. That still won't damage your array, even if you boot to windows from another disk and windows detects your array drives as single un-raided drives. Just go back into the mainboard bios and enable raid on the drives, and then when the nvraid bios posts after the mainboard bios post screen, the usual "Stripe xxxx ... Healthy" message will appear. :)

09-15-05, 08:59 AM
Nope it doesn't it still updates the RAID BIOS but it does not effect the OS, unlike RAID cards and onboard Silimage chips. Native RAID is alot better :)