View Full Version : One for gaming, one for business, which system to choose?

09-19-05, 02:37 AM
In the process of helping out the family business finances, I've ended up with one and a half incomplete systems. One will be used for gaming, the other for business, internet, DVD encoding, and Adobe Creative Suite 2 needs.

Both are over a year old in terms of technology. I have a AMD Athlon64 socket 939 3200+ Winchester on an Asus A8V Deluxe 2.0 (currently RMA'ed) with 1 gb of generic PC3200 ram. There's a used Radeon 9500 PRO sitting in the AGP slot.

Sitting idle is an Intel P4 550 non-J 3.4E socket LGA775 on an Intel D915PBL with no DDR2 ram and no video card. After calculating the cost of 1 gb of dual-channel DDR2 ram, my budget only allows me to either sell the the 9500 PRO and get a used GeForce 6600GT AGP and put it in the AMD system, or just plain get a used $42 GeForce 6200TC 256 mb PCI-Express for the Intel system. Unfortunately I'm going to be massively GPU bound for either system. Oblivion on a 6200TC or 9500 PRO isn't going to be pretty.

I got too many options to consider. I could trade this LGA775 motherboard to someone to get another LGA775 motherboard with built-in video. The problem is that I need to get both systems operational by the end of the month. Hence I cannot wait for nVidia's socket 939 motherboard with built-in video solutions or ATi's R520 bottom range video card if I want to sell the A8V (as a RMA'ed sealed product) and 9500 PRO.


09-19-05, 05:58 AM
I don't see much of a difference in the CPUs you have available.....and either one should be fine gaming....
I would recommend you do what you have to do to get atleast a 6600 class vid card, this is the most important component if you plan on playing games like ES:O.
If you skimp on vid...you're going to be sorry.