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09-19-05, 05:01 PM
I really can't decide what to do, I'd like to spend as little money as possible, I want to go Socket939 with a 3200+ Venice and possibly OC, but I can't decide if to go PCI Express or not because I do plan on upgrading my videocard. Right now I have an ABIT KG7-RAID, 2x512MB PC3200 DDR stick of GeIL Value RAM and a Geforce4 Ti4400 video card. I can't decide really what to do. Should I stay AGP and go for a 6600GT or 6800 Vanilla? Or just go for the gold and go pcie and get a Geforce7800GT or 6800GT? I usually dont play with AA or AF therefore I'm not sure what kind of framerates I'd get out of current games like Half Life 2, FEAR, Battlefield 2 and Fable. Should a 6600GT be powerful enough to game at 1024x768 with max details? Or should I go overboard since I probably wont upgrade again for at least two years. I have a variable budget of $400-600 I could however go up to $800 I could manage but the less the better for me. I'm going to need a new CPU, motherboard, 3d card and power supply. Is a 6600GT a lot more powerful than my Ti4400 or is a 6800/7800 a HUGE jump? Your advice would be useful.

Also what kind of cheaper decent power supplies exist?


09-19-05, 05:18 PM
The 6800 would be a huge hump. I definetely recommend that.

Oh and definetely go PCIe.

09-19-05, 05:23 PM
I just read something today you might be interested in.....enjoy :D


09-19-05, 08:01 PM
Thanks for all the quick replies im gonna read that article and try to narrow it down a little.


09-20-05, 09:24 PM
Id also like to add that I woulnt mind trying Intel...but i dont know anything about intel cpus/boards

09-20-05, 10:24 PM
yea, i wish i could tell you something about intel, but tbh, i dont know squat. when i was cheap, i bought an athlon xp, and now that i have a little cash flow, i got an athlon 64.

however, i can tell you that your venice and socket939 is a good choice. also, as jakup said, i would definitely go PCIe. it allows you to upgrade your card in the future if you want to get one of those really high end cards. if you cant afford a great card to start out, you can always get a 6200 or a 6600 and save some cash. btw, nice start to a rig :D

one more thing, i moved from a 9800 Pro to a 6800GT and i noticed a big difference, so you will definitely like the upgrade froma 4400. the extra pipes and speed are incredible. some might disagree, but to me the high end graphics cards start at the 6800GT (unlocked 6800nu's can put up some amazing numbers too) and go up to the 7800GTX.

09-22-05, 09:43 AM
Here's what I've decided to go with:

Motherboard: SOLTEK SL-K890Pro-939 Socket 939 VIA K8T890 ATX

I landed on this motherboard for a few reasons, mainly its one of the very few that have an ADDITIONAL PATA controller and its still got PCI-E, judging from reviews I've read about it it gets pretty good marks, except it uses a passive cooling solution on the northbridge, I also hear it overclocks well too. I had to choose from this one and the Epox that everyone claims is an overclocking king, I mainly chose this for the extra PATA port. So hopefully it'll do me good. Performance differences between the nf4 and this via are negligible pretty much.

Processor: AMD Athlon64 3000+ Venice

I figured since I was going to get a 3200+ and overclock it to maybe around 3800+ speeds on air or at least 3500+ speeds on air, I'd just try my luck with the $50 cheaper 3000+ and hope for the best. Intel looks to expensive else I'd get that $175.99 P4D CPU newegg has but I'd need DDR2 as well else I'd have given intel a shot.

Video Card: XFX PVT70GUDF7 Geforce 7800GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16

Really wasnt much of a brand name brawl except I wanted a more known brand than Aopen. Since it had a mail in rebate to lower it to $364, I decided just to get a 7800GT for only about $70 more than a 6800GT.

Power Supply: Antec SmartPower 2.0 SP-500 ATX12V 500W Power Supply

I really couldnt decide....I never used anything but Antec before and decided I would pay up to $90 but of course I wanted to pay a little less. What's the real differences between the SmartPower and TruePower series? Should I just pay the $15 more and get a Truepower instead?