View Full Version : The Getaway - clip[ps3]

09-19-05, 10:39 PM

id be lying if i said i was a fan of the series
id also be lying if i said i wasnt impressed by that video

*thx Stillmatic@b3d for the link

09-19-05, 10:42 PM
Yeah, not impressive at all.

09-19-05, 10:49 PM
The buildings and environments look fantastic, though the cars could use a little work. Lets hope they can keep that much on screen at once come launch.

09-19-05, 10:59 PM
Yeah, not impressive at all.
i thought it was pretty impressive, maybe the way i worded it was a bit confusing heh. imagine if that was gta4 and not getaway :P

Mr. Hunt
09-19-05, 11:52 PM
I think it looks good when compared to the originals... and it looks decent... just not what I would hope for out of a next-gen game..