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09-20-05, 09:34 AM
Here was the problem with the first one:


Got a new card via RMA. Problem solved. Card ran great for about a month, then virtually died. No overclocking was being used. Just stopped working.

Got the second replacement via RMA. The card looks fine at 800x600, when you first install the drivers. Then, at 1280x1024, my usual desktop settings, the display looks HORRIBLE. The screen is too bright, the text is blurry. No amount of adjusting color settings makes a difference. Just reading email from Outlook gives me a headache. Thought my monitor had gone bad (you know how the entire screen will pop in and out a bit at times, looking like the monitor is on its last legs?).

Did the usual driver cleaning before installing new nVidia drivers, etc. I will try a few other things (moving PCI cards around, switching around power cables, etc.), but I have a feeling this one is on the way back to Leadtek. BTW, I also have three copies of Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow if anyone is interested... (Leadtek just ships you a complete retail boxed card when replacing your card). When replacing the 6800GT with my old ATI 9700, the card was very hot to the touch. The previous Leadtek cards were barely warm when I replaced them just after being used in the PC.

Unless someone has any ideas about this latest problem, I am seriously frustrated with Leadtek's cards. Never, ever had a problem like this with video cards. With my old, trusty 9700, the display is crisp and clean. Card just isn't fast enough for the stuff I am doing.

Any other Leadtek horror stories out there?

09-20-05, 11:45 AM
Power supply problem? When you have 3 cards go "bad" I would suggest looking at other components in your system- power supply, airflow, etc.

The card can get very hot if the power supply is having a hard time supplying power to the 6800gt.


09-20-05, 11:47 AM
try the card in another pc first. eliminate that variable

09-20-05, 12:07 PM
Good thought on the power supply, although it can't be the issue. It is an Antec 550w TruePower. Also, previous editions of the card worked fine (until the problems cropped up).

I will try the card on another PC, but I can't believe that this card is such a pain in the ass when other cards seem to work just fine without all these problems.

BTW, I tried installing the new card again this morning. I could only get the card to boot into Safe Mode to install drivers. Once drivers were installed, the PC would not even boot past the XP splash screen. The screen would just go dark and hang. Disk trashed around, but XP wouldn't even start.

Another problem. Also, at boot, when IDE devices are recognized, a slave CD-ROM wasn't even recognized despite checking cables, etc. Once I reinstalled the 9700, the drive was recognized properly.

09-20-05, 05:15 PM
Don't worry about it, RMA the thing, it took 3 RMA's before the fourth card they sent was any good. So far it been up over a month and no problems.

09-20-05, 05:26 PM
I may just need to send the card back, but there have been more developments today...

I tried the card in my daughter's PC. Looks okay there, and her power supply is only 330w. Her display is not as large (17" vs my 21"), but at the higher resolutions, it actually looked okay.

Now, sometime after my attempt to install the nVidia card, my ATI 9700 is having problems. Only the secondary driver is working. The primary driver will not install (control panel will not load at boot). No matter what I have tried, I can only use desktop apps. I cannot run any games. I still can run my desktop at 1280x1024. Looks great. But display performance is very slow. I have run uninstalls and Driver Cleaner Pro to ensure that there are no reminants of drivers behind, so I think the problem could be registry related, or perhaps a corrupted file somewhere.

Tried the 9700 on my daughter's PC. No problems.

Ran system restore. PC would only boot into safe mode.

Every time I boot, a CHKDSK now runs automatically on my drive E: hard disk before boot. Also, my PC would boot straight to desktop. Now, XP prompts me to select my login ID. I did not make such a change.

Something got hammered somewhere. I will reinstall my install image (XP and Office apps) on another hard disk and try the new card on that.

09-21-05, 12:26 AM
Okay, reinstalled the image.

9700 now working great.

Replaced it with the 6800GT and new drivers. Still having a slightly blurry yet extremely annoying desktop image. Noticed that the right edges of windows have an echo on the right. Thankfully, the PC boots and the other problems seems to have gone away. Card is not running hot either.

Is there anything that could cause this blurring and the echo aside from the card itself? Interference, power source, etc.?

09-21-05, 02:16 AM
Stupid question but is your video cable and m/b good? Had something like this happen to me ages back, turned out to be bad cable + faulty m/b. All the cards were good.

If not, sub-woofers, powerboards, anything that can make a magnetic field will interfere with a CRT monitor. Move everything away from it and try degaussing it. That fails, power supply filter?

09-21-05, 03:31 AM
Good ideas. Again, my ATI 9700 works fine. The m/b is rather new, and has been excellent in every area so far. I can look into power filtering and possible interference, though. Assuming the 6800 is more sensitive to that sort of thing.

The problems with the cards before? The first failed card, again, was a video memory problem. Others on these forums have had similar problems. All cards needed RMA. Not a power supply or any other problem external to the video card. The second card simply died one day. No way to know what caused its death, but again, it had very clear text, unlike this card.

I would assume that if other types of problems aside from the video card were in play, the previous two cards would have both had the problem I am having now. This is why I think this is a card problem. I've sent Leadtek support an email. They know me pretty well by now (I live so close, I hand deliver my cards to them). I'll see what they have to say...

09-21-05, 04:55 PM
I would assume that if other types of problems aside from the video card were in play, the previous two cards would have both had the problem I am having now. This is why I think this is a card problem. I've sent Leadtek support an email. They know me pretty well by now (I live so close, I hand deliver my cards to them). I'll see what they have to say...
lol, yeh you can always RMA it.
btw, Do you have a prescott? My friend burnt a 5200. on asking how, he said, he was playin WOW, and the prescott had reached 77*C, with all the hot air trapped inside the case. while playing the comp restarted, and didnt show display. when he opened the CASE, he actually felt teh HOT AIR.
(yeh ventilation was poor)

So a suggestion, maybe the card is getting too hot due to the p4's heat..??

EDIT: didnt read, you fixed the Heating problems.

09-21-05, 05:25 PM
Contacted Leadtek. They will send me an RMA number. Here was their email:

Sorry for hearing the card did not work again. I think we need to send a good one for you by another RMA. Just let me know if you want another RMA. thank you.

So there you go. I'll let you know how the next one comes out...

09-26-05, 09:35 AM
Update: Got the new card back from Leadtek (the benefits of just driving the card to their support office in Fremont, CA). No problems on the desktop. Seems to be working great.

Now, I am having one slight problem with FarCry, but it is infrequent and only seems to occur when game is set to the highest possible settings. Might just be a lighting problem. I'll post a pic in a new post.

09-26-05, 05:12 PM