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09-20-05, 06:35 PM

Six new screenshots http://www.shacknews.com/screens.x/callofduty2/Call+of+Duty+2/1/091905

Not a whole lot of new info here but since IW/Activision are being so tight lipped us CoD junkies need to take what we can get.

If you haven't heard, CoD2 single player will not have a health bar but instead incorporate a regenerating health system. From what I've read as you get shot your screen will become increasingly redder until you stop for 5-10 seconds at which point your health is restored and the screen becomes clear.
There is a bit of an uproar at the IW nation forums over this but most folks don't seem to care about the single player, they want to know if it's gonna be in the multiplayer, and IW won't say. There is hope that there will be a server side switch that will enable the playing with the old style health bar system.

It also appears from other articles written that there won't be any tanks or vehicles like there were in the UO expansion pack. It's possible that they will be back in a future CoD2 expansion.

One last thing is that it appears there will be in-game voice chat enabled which may or may not be a good thing.

09-21-05, 12:49 AM
Bah, who cares - ones of the best games ever created is getting a sequal, sod the cons in all honesty.

Thanks for the heads up with the links, I need to book some time of work in time for this little gem to come out. :)

The only thing I hope they carry over is PB, so fingers crossed.