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09-21-05, 04:38 PM
hi there..

im having some big problems with my new xfx 6800 ultra AGP 256mb

its went from bad to worse :(

about a week ago i bought my new xfx 6800 ultra agp card.
i had a quick read through the manual at the min sis requriements and saw a ultra needed 480watt but i only have a asaka 400watt... but i tryed it anyway as i hurd people running ultras on 350 etc ;p. anyway... put it in.. gave the card 2 seperate power wires (one wire on each molex connector) and then booted my pc up... all worked fine... logged on... and went to install the lastest nv drivers... (i had uninstalled my old nv drivers before) i started to install. i start installing... screen flickers a few times as usual and then all of a sudden screen goes black and pc hangs.. and i also hear the gfx card fan slow down alot.. it stays like thise for about 30 secs before it reboots. now my pc restarts and loggs on... but the drivers never got to fishin installing... i try again and exact same thing!

i realise i must need a better psu... so i stash out another !130! for a psu ontop of the 320 i just payed for the ultra. -.-

i ask a few of my freinds who also have the same card and ask what i shoud get... and they recomend a OCZ PowerStream 520w ATX2 Power Supply which is very good quality and give lots of juice ! 33A on 12v 40A on 5v and 28 on 3.3v and also has loads of cool crap. so once again i buy it ... recive it next day, stick it in pc.. plug it all in this time plugging in both the dedicated VGA molex connectors into the 2 sockets in the card. exelent!

boot up.. log on... go to install latest nv drivers! ........ .... it does the same thing! again.. and again just hangs whole pc while installing drivers

i have tryed everything i can think of... i have reformatted, check voltages(fine) and tryed many differnt driver versions.
and then i tryed the drivers which come on the xfx disc AND THEY WORKED! ...its the 66.93 drivers But.. they are so old and most new games looks screwed. bf2 doesn even start .. 3d mark looks very bad.. all textures messed up.. im so confused :(!!!

it cant be new psu... as it indicates at the back all voltages and power is fine... so what can it be.. im so stuck :( ?

if anyone has some ideas id be so thankful!!!

my rig is...
athlon 64 (939pin) 3000+
1 gig crucial ddr ram
asrock combo motherboard ALI
OCZ PowerStream 520w ATX2 Power Supply
1x dvd rw drive
80gb hdd

many thnx for reading and any help woudl help so much! thanks


09-21-05, 04:44 PM
Could simply be the 6800 is borked, try it on one of your friends PCs , see if that is the case.

09-21-05, 08:07 PM
if the card is broke do i send it back to where i bought it or XFX?

few people tellign me now it might be broke... but it is strange i can play some games on old drivers... but new drivers just kill the whole card... :thumbdwn:

09-22-05, 05:10 PM
Are these drivers, that you can use, modded by XFX?
Meaning they show XFX stamp etc.
If yes, then go to xfx.com, and dload the latest drivers from there.

09-22-05, 08:05 PM
hmm no they dont show the xfx logo anywhere on install ... but they come of the xfx disc... il try getting the latest from xfx site...


09-22-05, 08:31 PM
:( Nope i just tryed the latest drivers they have for download (71.89) for my card and they seam the worst! i cant even reach a login screen without the pc shutting down and rebooting.


i dont know what to do!

09-23-05, 12:29 PM
Argh !! i was just about to send the card off .. on RMA but i tryed it in my brothers pc and it works FINE with new drivers...

he has a rather crappy 1.5ghz athlon socket A
512mb sdram
300watt cheap as hell psu...

and my 6800 ultra worked...... ran 3d mark and tho quite low fps it looked sweet omg :(

so it must be a piece of my hardware right :(????????

its all fairly new i dono what it could be. i have flashed my mobo bios. reset all bios settings to default. tryed some other new ram i bought. unpluuged eveythign apart from my main hdd and the gfx card, i have the latest bios version for my new motherboard aswell! nothing makes the slightest bit difference. :mad:

1 thing im thinking now atm... when i bought my motherboard stuck over the AGP socket was a sticker saying "WARNING do not use 3.3v agp cards in this motherboard" ???? is my card one of these? i have no idea

i have a asrock Combo motherboard (socket 939 and 757 on same board) and a stock athlon 64 3000

anyone got any ideas. im really getting upset now! :(

Thankyou for reading

09-23-05, 02:02 PM
i have been reading up onagp voltages and i never even knew there was differnt types....

does anyone think this is my problem? my motherboard ONLY supports 1.5v cards...

but when i do a google search i see stuff about new agp3.0 (0.8v)!?

anyone knwo for shure what agp voltage my card is?

/me screams :eek:

09-23-05, 03:00 PM
I think your card and AGP8X slot of mobo are compatible.
but there may be manufacturing defects afaik. so try these:
1] Try another card in your mobo.. ( maybe the card that was in the Socket A system)
2] try your card in another system..

Hope this helps.

09-23-05, 03:15 PM
thnx for the reply!

i have tryed the card in 2 other systems now.. my bros crappy pc and my freinds decent pc (which has a 6600gt in atm) and my card works fine in both!

and i just tryed my old xfx fx 5700 LE in my pc now (only other card i have) and that worked fine....

so im thinking its my motherboard not supporting agp 3.0?

im allready planning buying a new one that supports it.. am i doing the wrong thing (i have allready bought 2 psus that didnt help one bit >.<)

i just can see anything elce that is wrong... other than this agp voltage thing

i was reading:
towards bottem of page in the table it says 6800 ultra is agp 3.0

and i look at my board specs.. and i cant see anything about 3.0.. it says in bold it ONLY supports 1.5v cards ... so it cant support agp v3.0 right lol?

09-23-05, 03:23 PM
The 5700LE worked fine. all FX's were/are AGP8X.
Theriotically, if FX works fine, 6800U also should work fine..
and it is working fine.. the only and BIG problem is the drivers are causing reboots...
Now this is really strange.. i know you are pissed off..
im allready planning buying a new one that supports it.. am i doing the wrong thing
i really cant say yes or no...

before you do anything, just for once, if, you can borrow from your friend the 6600GT and try on your mobo, then you can confirm its the MOBO, or your card.

EDIT: just noticed, COMBO mobo? does it have PCI-e and AGP both? then yeah maybe its the mobo.

09-23-05, 05:08 PM
no only has 1 agp slot. no pci-e

its got 2 sockets though 939 and 757 (not at same time of cource..)

and come to think of it that is something i havent tryed.... i will borrow my freind 6600 and report back! didnt think of this! thnx

il hold back on buying a new mobo for now

ps. here is a pic of mobo i got now:

09-24-05, 07:01 AM
Can you install them in safe mode?

09-24-05, 11:11 AM
as i said below yes card works in safe mode and works using the xfx drivers that came on disc (allthought there so old most games just wont even start with them)

very confusing

also i just looked at my card and it cant be a agp 1.5v card (that my motherboard supports)

my 6800 looks like the first pic that says this isnt a 1.5v card ><

so im guessing i figured this out?

09-24-05, 03:53 PM
1st, try the 6600GT card.

If i were you, i would RMA both my VGA and mobo (1st the mobo offcourse), if it still doesnt work, then i would get new mobo.
well, for the amount of money on new mobo you get a brand new G7 mouse :D

09-24-05, 08:22 PM
I have been see more and more now ,have you tried the 77.13 drivers they seem to work fine for me ,I don't have my 6800ultra installed at the momment or I would try the new drivers.Plus I had to put my AGP voltage at 1.6v for it to run stable.

09-24-05, 10:47 PM
this is just absolultly stupid....

i just tryed the 6600 and worked fine with latest drivers..

so then i took that out and put my 6800 in... and wtf it works..

?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????

what the hell... ? :| ?

i just dont get this... w t f... a frind of mine said it mightof been dust on one of the connections but how would one v of drivers work and not another? dust wouldent affect that... god.. i hate computers sometimes... what happened to a bat and ball :wtf:

case closed.. thnx all for help. this has just left me 110% confused.

09-25-05, 10:49 AM
:wtf: :rofl
Anyways, congrats, u just got saved from buying new mobo, RMA'ing the card, mobo..
In short You just saved a hell lot of time. Happy Working 6800Ultra ;)