View Full Version : What do I need to know about updating the BIOS/firmware in my eVGA 6800 Ultra?

09-21-05, 08:02 PM
I have an eVGA 6800 Ultra I bought, I think, back when Doom III came out. I have never updated the firmware on it (or any other video card for that matter). Do I need to update the firmware on this card and if so, how do I get started?

09-21-05, 08:07 PM
I would never recommend upgrading the BIOS on the card unless you have a problem. You can permanetly destroy your card if done incorrectly.

09-23-05, 01:53 AM
Updating the BIOS for your EVGA 6800 Ultra is quite simple and easy.

Like Jackup said, if you dont have any problems there is no need to update.

But if you have to, download the Bios Update from EVGA (get from elsewhere and you might have problems)

The file is a self extracting executable, put in a floppy disk, let the files write, reboot computer with floppy still in, and follow the screen instructions.
Reboot after flash (once instructed) and flash is complete.


09-23-05, 02:35 AM
Yea, the eVGA one is pretty easy... I like doing things the hard way though... hehehe

09-23-05, 07:31 AM
If your EVGA card has the same 2D and 3D speed set the same at 425/550 ,then I would'nt worrie about the Bios update as that is all I can tell it did on my card,but as it has done been said the update for the EVGA bios is very easy.