View Full Version : 6600gt issue need advice

09-21-05, 08:12 PM
hello all thanks for looking,

I took out my BFG 6600gt Apg today to clean it, the fan was very dusty. So i get the fan cleaned and almost all the dust of out the fan.

Now i decided to replace the heatsink, i whiped out the stock heatsink that came with the 6600gt and put a very thin layer of arctic silver 5 on the core of the 6600gt.

Now my issue, when i load into bf2 in about 5 to 60 seconds the computer locks up this didnt happen before i cleaned the videocard.

Now after i did this i was looking to see if i could use arctic silver 5, i seen a few fourms where they said you could only use a special heatsink for videocards.

Please help any advice would be helpfull.

09-21-05, 09:38 PM
Did you clean the old thermal paste before applying the AS5? What's the temperature on the core while idling? Does the heatsink feel hot?