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09-21-05, 10:23 PM
I'm considering a new PCI Express system and thought I'd ask for some advice on what system parts to buy.

Current System

Asus P4C800-E
Pentium4 3.4C with Zalman 7000 AlCu
Kingston ValueRAM 1G
eVGA 6800GT
Zalman 400w P/S
2 Seagate 200 Gig HDs


Asus A8N-SLI Premium (not going SLI though)
Athlon 64 4000+
Kingston ValueRAM 2G
7800GTX (don't know what brand is best now)

I like my system to be as quiet as possible so I'm looking for advice on a quiet CPU Heatsink, what brand if any of the 7800GTX is quieter, and a quiet power supply.

I've heard the 7800GTX is quiet so is it quieter than the eVGA 6800GT?

I'm a quiet nut so any info would really be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

09-22-05, 01:25 AM
Yeah, the 7800GTX is really quiet or at least the BFGs that I have are. The Enermax Noisetaker 600W is a good low-noise power supply (I've been really pleased with it). I use the Cooler Master Hyper 48+ (I think is the name) HSF and have it set to run at low rpms. It works pretty well and is very quiet. The heatsink is really heavy though so you have to be careful when moving the system around. There are probably better ones but it was one I found locally and it had good reviews so I went with it. In my other system I use a Thermaltake HSF that has the variable fan control (bracket or 3 1/2 bay control). I usually run it about as low as it'll go. I can't remember the exact model for that one though.

I like your motherboard choice also. :) I think it's the best one I've had so far. I love it and since it has the heatpipe instead of a chipset HSF, it's quiet. :)

09-22-05, 02:41 AM
Sheesh, the 7800s hardly make any noise, they run at a lower temprature.
I must admit, this card has been a total pleasure to have so far, I can't think of a single gripe about it. Not one, it makes a big difference over the 6800 in many ways.
In comparison it makes the 6800s look too big, noisy and clunky.

09-22-05, 03:34 AM
My Gygabyte card is now flashed at 480/1250, can OC to 500/1250 and still quiet
Zalman should do it for you for the CPU heatsink
PSU as per OWA advise

09-22-05, 05:00 AM
Hi! I switched from very similar configuration to this what i have got in my sig.
So i got really quaiet Power Suplie, CPU Box cooler is also nice quaiet, Leadtek's are working on 450/1250 by default, and are quaiet. So i'm simly happy :)



09-22-05, 07:17 AM
Thanks to everyone that replied I really appreciate the information. I'm sure the ASUS A8N-SLI Premium, Athlon 64 4000+, and 7800GTX is the way to go now. I've been reading a lot of reviews and the GTX seems to be a really sweet graphics board and is wiping the floor with the GT. And to hear it's so quiet is great news. I've seen that in reviews but it's much better to hear it from seveal people actually using them.

Also thanks for giving me some heatsinks and power supplies to look at.


09-22-05, 05:05 PM
ThermalTake XP-180 is good too.

09-22-05, 06:02 PM
cant go wrong with a thermalright, best in the business imo.

get an XP-90 or an XP-120 with a panaflo fan and it will be silent and extremely efficient