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09-22-05, 02:34 AM
Hi guys n gals,

I recently had cause to remove one of my SLI cards due to lots of artifacts on the screen and it turned out that the fan had given out. I ran the machine for a day or two no problem at all with one card and after putting the stock cooler back on the removed card I added it back into the system. Now no matter which driver I have installed (Currently 77.77) the Slowdown Threshold is set to 0C in the Temp Tab of the control panel. Any idea how I can fix it? Previously it was 135C (which seems far too hot to me!).


09-22-05, 03:20 AM
Hmmm, something gone wrong with a sensor on the card perhaps?

Very strange one, normally with an issue that obscure and odd, I tend to do a complete format / reinstall of XP, if the problem persists usually a dead cert sign it's a hardware issue. If it was ok with a different cooler other than the stock one, could look at buying a new cooler for it I suppose.

09-22-05, 03:36 AM
It was okay with both coolers before I ran one of them on their own. Made me think something weird with the registry or something. Or some switch in the drivers which wasn't righted when I put the second card back in. I don't know clutching at straws here. I really don't want to do a reinstall if I can help it, takes so long to get back how you like it!

It could be a sensor thing I suppose but the temp sensors themselves are working fine. Card 1 idles at 58C and loads at 79. (only just reinstalled the stock coolers with AS Ceramique and AS5. sot should improve slightly)

I do always run Driver Cleaner Pro before installing new drivers but apparently it is missing things from the 77+ drivers and a new version is being worked on.

09-22-05, 04:55 AM
Specs for ref:
XFX 6800 Ultra SLI
Dell 2001FP LCD
Thermalright XP120
Audigy 2ZS
250GB Maxtor 10 SATA
Sony 1613 DVDROM
2GB Corsair
PCP&C 510 Deluxe SLI PSU

09-22-05, 05:30 AM
Give these a whirl , www.tweaksrus.com.

XG drivers, some have tweaks aimed at SLi users with great feedback so far.

09-22-05, 05:36 AM
Thanks for the suggestion PA but I'm using XG 77.77 HD drivers at the moment. I tend to go for the latest officials and replace them with the XG version when jrd1st releases them a few days later. Damned good drivers though the XG ones I well recomend them.

09-23-05, 01:57 AM
Is there no way of adjusting the slowdown threashold manually?