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09-22-05, 02:51 PM
right, so i have this nec-2500.

i am having problems burning dvds with it now i am getting CRC errors all the time, even with 8x TDK and maxell dvd+r..

i have updated the firmware and im still getting errors.. even at 2.4x

when i bought the writer i heard nothing but praise, now i hear that they are selective about burning certain types of dvds - but maxell or TDK???

so im guessing that the drive is knackered - it is about 2-3 years old - is that a usual amount of time for a burner? should i get a new one and avoid the nec's? if so, who should i buy? i want to spend as little as possible and dont need dual layer.

i am at a loss what to do - i have burnt about 20 dvds with CRC's on. thats a lot of data - lots of it very important to me.. and this sucks a lot. i have to check through each dvd and re-burn the CRC'd bits.. :mad: :thumbdwn:


09-22-05, 04:26 PM
The lite-on brand has some good burners at a decent price.

09-22-05, 04:35 PM
The First thing i would do if i were you would be too remove your IDE controllers and then reboot then let windows reinstall them. Next I would check your IDE cables themselves that runs to it....if you have folded them its possible that they could have gotten damaged. Next I would swap that DVDRW into another PC if possible and see if it still messes up.

09-22-05, 06:22 PM
ahh i dint think it could be the cables messing it up.. and coming from me with a music studio where dodgy wiring is a giant problem :rolleyes:

thanks for that ill give it a try... but still asking what is the usual life of a dvd burner? if i use it a lot is about 2-3 years normal?

09-22-05, 07:33 PM
Well in all honesty I don't know the life of a burner, however if you look at the manufacturer's website I believe they quote a certain hourly life. I know mine says 100K hours and some other stuff....not sure if it means while its in use or not, but it probably does. [By that I mean not sure if it counts toward its death when only using it or as long as its got power connected to it]

If you use it a real lot then it very well could be dead, in fact if removing your IDE Controllers from the Device Manager and reinstalling the drivers also check to make sure its on DMA mode and not PIO [sometimes they switch themselves for no reason whatsoever] Anyhow, try everything I mentioned, if it doesnt work I'd assume you burned it out. Just spend $40 over at newegg.com and get the samsung they have on sale if all else fails :]