View Full Version : Refresh on the PSP situation

09-22-05, 03:07 PM
Let's be honest here, one EA title rocked and that is burnout.

I demo'd it, and I want to get it. However I am by no means about to financially support a known criminal organization that violates several labor laws and unethically treats their employees.

Coded Arms was pretty good, I liked it, and so was Dead to Rights...at least the first time.

Got to try out gripshift, and it was kinda meh, neither sucked nor rocked...it just inhabits this void imho on quality.

But then comes along medievil. Man does this one rock.

Then there's also death jr, which is another meh.
Frantix sucked.

Now, Infected draws ever near, and this one looks like teh roxX0rz....

Monster hunter looks like a winner too.

So does Katamari Damacy, and ghost in the shell.

What do you guys think?

Mr. Hunt
09-22-05, 03:34 PM
I want to try Coded Arms, Gripshift and Infected... Monster Hunter is looking like it will be a freaking blast to play... and Ghost in the Shell looks like it will be like GitS:SAC for PS2 which I enjoyed... so it should be fun.

Mostly waiting on GTA LCS and I still need to pick up Lumines... but don't have the cash right now :(.

09-23-05, 06:39 PM
SSX:On Tour has a release date on Nov 1 and that's a game I've been waiting for, but I'm right there with ya on EA. I just got a BB gift card for my Bday So I might use that to get it to lessen the pain. Definitely gonna have to get Burnout and GTA too, but that's about all I saw in the upcoming titles that peaked my interest. I'd still love an arcade style flying game ala Ace Combat or Crimson Skies.