View Full Version : BFG Teams With Insomnia365 For Fast, Free Gaming Serverss

09-22-05, 08:22 PM

Insomnia365SM, a satellite of The Planet, and BFG Technologies, Inc, the leading U.S.-based supplier of NVIDIA(r)-based 3D graphics cards and other PC enthusiast products, announced today that they have entered into a partnership to provide high quality services to visitors of BFG Technologies' official online gaming community. By transitioning to servers powered by Insomnia365, BFG Gaming now offers visitors and community members some of the fastest dedicated gaming servers featuring super-low ping times, courtesy of The Planet's award-winning Tier 1 network.

"One of the more important goals for our BFG Gaming community site has been to build a free online gaming community supported by rock-solid, high-performance game servers," said John Malley, director of marketing and public relations for BFG Technologies. "To live up to the BFG Tech reputation, we've chosen to partner with The Planet's Insomnia365 -- a dedicated server provider that can give our community the most secure, reliable and fastest gaming servers available."

09-25-05, 01:46 AM
i registered, still yet to see anyone playing on these servers when i usually play which is the middle of the night, post midnight pst

09-25-05, 02:04 AM
sounds like great news :)
i used to play on their ut2k4 servers alot, i need to get back into that.

everybody should go register up for their forums and try their contests out. i won my 6800u overe there :D