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09-25-05, 03:15 PM
Any of you guys have any experience with the ATI HDTV Wonder?

As you can see in the sig, I have a TV Wonder Pro. I run DScaler instead of MMC as MMC for SD reception is rubbish. DScaler's deinterlacer is far superior (using TomsMoComp) to MMC's "Best Video Quality" and lacks the audio sync issue.

Ever since buying the 20" widescreen I have fancied being able to watch Football in HD up in the office when the wife insists on her TV time watching whatever (can't put up much fight right now because of her broken foot and all, heh, I'd feel too guilty). My office is partially blocked by a ridge to have line of sight to the transmission towers for all Austin stations, though I can see the very tops of the warning lights so I am sure to get the major stations with good reception.

The only bummer is not having ESPN HD. Sooo, the other option was to use the analog signal input on the monitor for the computer and hook up the DVI to a converter box (not sure the monthly rental $$$). I would need to get a SPDIF in card for the Mystique and figure out how to output that over the 5.1 system. Should just be able to set it up in the system mixer.


09-25-05, 03:41 PM
I use the ATI HDTV Wonder but I'm not sure what you're actually asking. So, what is the question again? :) Also, my experience with it is pretty limited since I just use it occasionally to watch TV. Anything more than that and I start getting frustrated with the MMC software. Also, I have better luck with the ATI HDTV Wonder when used with my ATI X800 Pro. That's why it's currently in my 2nd system instead of my 6800U.

09-26-05, 03:59 PM
Well, in my recent research I found a few different applications that can be used instead of MMC, if you are interested. I may not get the HD Wonder and save up for the second 7800GT. I told myself I would wait until the $300 price point, but that is getting close, heh.

However, the wife did give greenlight for HD on the PC with no conditionals. Hmmm, tempting. Football with out chance of the remote commando changing to an awards show or reality TV.

When you say you have better luck, is it just more stable? I know MMC has extra features on ATI cards (ass marketing ploy), but did the image quality get loused up? Did you ever try DScaler for the analog TV input?

09-26-05, 04:21 PM
When you say you have better luck, is it just more stable? I know MMC has extra features on ATI cards (ass marketing ploy), but did the image quality get loused up? Did you ever try DScaler for the analog TV input?
Yeah, it seems to crash less and things like the remote control work better. It makes no sense to me but for whatever reason, whenever I have a nvidia card in the system, the channel buttons and a few of the other remote control features, don't work. I can control the mouse pointer with the D-pad and click the "left mouse"/ "right mouse" button on the remote but most of the other stuff doesn't work. If the TV Wonder you're using now works properly in that regard, I doubt you'd have problems with the HDTV version. It's probably just my system or the way I configure things or whatever. I've just never had a lot of luck with the MMC software whether it was running on an AIW or TV Wonder or now the HDTV Wonder. The hardware is really good though and since you're use to dealing with 3rd party apps, you can probably go that route if the MMC doesn't work out. The image quality seems about the same on the 6800U and X800 Pro.

I haven't tried any of the other programs. I've downloaded them but never got around to trying them. It was just easier to put the X800 Pro in the system.

Anyway, the picture is really nice. I was watching the Redskins vs Cowboys last Monday in HD on a 19" LCD and also had it playing on a 32" TV. It really is amazing how much better HD is. I also captured a few stills from the HD broadcast of Shrek just recently and those were very impressive as well. So, even though it drives me crazy sometimes, the results are still impressive.

09-26-05, 04:41 PM
I guess I have to weigh the time gaming versus watching HD content upstairs. And from what I understand, the SD broadcast looks much better on the digital channels. I may just go get one, try it out and return it if it pisses me off.

You really should try DScaler, far superior picture quality. I had a few issues with DScaler and the Remote wonder initially, but it appears the latest plug in includes features like support for channel selection using the number pad, full-screen on the hour glass button and functions buttons for scrolliing through the DScaler menu and status menus.