View Full Version : Tips For A First Time LCD User Please

09-25-05, 09:31 PM
Hi there
Built my new PC over the weekend and, in the excitment to see what my new 7800GTX looked like, installed only the video card drivers and not the monitor drivers for my Samsung 913b
Does it really matter that there are no monitor drivers or should I install them. Everyhting looks ok, but in device driver under "Monitor" it only lists the video card driver and not the Samsung
If you think I should install the monitor drivers, do I need to uninstall the video card drivers ???

Coming from a CRT I certainly notice that the LCD is "brighter".
I had read about this, so am not complaining. I'm wondering what adjustments ( if any ) can be done to lower the "brightness" ?

I seem to recall reading somewhere that it is best not to use the LCD screen in a dark room as it highlights the brightness of the screen. It has been suggested that a desktop lamp placed beside/behind the LCF monitor will help. Any comments of this ??

Any further tips for a "newbie LCD user" would be greatly appreciated


09-25-05, 10:00 PM
My LCD is old, so Windows has a driver for it that's newer than the one on the CD, but it seems that Windows does not have a driver for your particular model (too new?), so you should install the driver that comes with your LCD to make sure you're running at the optimal resolution and refresh rate. And you don't have to uninstall your video card driver.

As for brigtness, I just leave it at a level that's comfortable. If your LCD comes with a software that helps you adjust the brightness and contrast according to the lighting of your room, you can use it.