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09-26-05, 12:38 AM
As the new month rolls around and I get my bonus and my new proc, I have been seriously considering going completely silent. At the moment the only things I can hear in my case are my psu and my video card when I am gaming. The current Zalman Cu heatsink I have going in my case does an admirable job in keeping things silent for the cpu.

I was wondering if anyone here has the reserator and what they think of it. I want to emphasize I am NOT going to be over-clocking, I am simply looking for a QUIET, preferably silent solution. The cost is not prohibitive either. I will consider other options if they are close to being as quiet as I have read the reserator is.

Also if anyone knows of any problems with the product, the cpu/gpu cooling blocks or reliability, please let me know as well.

At the moment I am considering getting the whole shebang. The kit I found has the cpu block, I am going to get the northbridge and gpu cooler myself. I believe the AIW x800xt I have should not cause any problems for the cooling.

So yeah, opinions and views please :)

Appreciate all comments on this product.

09-26-05, 12:53 AM
I got it , its completely silent and performance is comperable to stock cooler , better if its not hot in your room or if you have decent room airflow , i since moded it with faster pump and 120mm radiator plus fan , since im OC CPU and GPU , i also tried to go for completely silent PC but PSU is kinda loud... so ended up modeing and OC :p .
It comes with CPU , GPU block and some ramsink's , Radiator/Reservoir is huge inside is realy small 27 GPH pump could be 29 don't recall either way its weak small 5W i think, Tubes are Zalman Silicon blue 5/8 very easy to work with them, can use 3/8 also (useing right now with moded setup), 1/4 to small and 1/2 to big, tube size makes barely any difference all that matters is how fast you move the water and remove heat, but im getting of topic . Oh best part about this you don't need to bleed air compared to regular closed circuit water cooled system , just need to get AIR out from tubes once you connect everything but thats real easy... . Instructions are clear and simple , even tells you how to disassemble pump if you want to make upgrades :D

09-26-05, 02:43 AM
The cooling performance of the Res is unequalled at it's noise level. It is actually quite a competent cooler, and can happily cope with quite hot processors + GPUs in the same loop (eg. Prescotts + 6800U's, etc.). If you're not too anal about your temps (ie. you're happy with a CPU @ 50C and a GPU @ 75C) then the Res is great. If you're not overclocking, even better. (For reference I have a Athlon XP 3200+ and an X800XL).

One thing to be wary of is that the integral pump does have a tendency to develop a "rattle" over time. This seems to have something to do with crud building up on the impeller shaft for those of us using distilled water with no additives. Folks who've used an additive (eg. ethyl glycol) from the get-go haven't had these problems by all accounts. (I've had a lot of problems with the pump, I've been through five now, but I think that's down to me not using an additive, ie. it's my fault!).

For more info. on the rattle, and specs on some rigs that people are running with a Res, go to the Watercooling forum here:


So: I've had a bad time with the pumps in the Res, but with the benefit of hind-sight I still think it's a great piece of kit.

I can't really comment of the quality of the waterblocks compared to the more exotic alternatives on the market because, frankly, I don't care. I'm happy using the standard CPU + GPU blocks that come with it; life is too short to worry about whether I can reduce my temperatures by another 2C by spending another 40 and a weekend messing about.

09-26-05, 08:03 AM
Ultimately you'll need a fanless power supply for totally silent operation yes? Is there such a device in the 400+ watt range?

09-26-05, 08:37 AM
Fanless PSUs aren't essential for quieter-than-audible operation (as against truly silent), and a good 300W should run more kit than a lot more people think it will.

09-26-05, 09:25 AM
I have a 470-ish W psu rip, and I can set the fan to high/mid/low. At low it is very quiet but at mid or high, it is audible. At the moment I am leaving it at mid which is the default. Also the led color changes from green (low) to red (high) and blue is the default mid setting. I like blue so I leave it at blue :D

Thanks everyone. Is it possible to purchase a bigger pump directly through Zalman?

Also, regarding distilled water, how much does it take and where are some reputable places I can pick it up from? Wal-mart for example probably should carry some since they have a large auto-motive section (super-walmarts I mean).

Further, do you just plug and play or do you first have to do extensive testing for leaks like with other systems? :)

09-26-05, 09:41 AM
You should be able to get distilled water at any grocery store.

09-26-05, 09:59 AM
Thanks everyone. Is it possible to purchase a bigger pump directly through Zalman?

No, but they're standard aquarium pumps, so you might have stores near you. I tried using the Eheim 600 (the bigger brother of the stock pump, the Eheim 300) fitted internally to the Res, but it's nowhere near as quiet (it's quite readily audible from a few metres away). In the end I've gone with an Eheim 1048 fitted inside my case (and suspended so as not to transmit vibes to the case). It's still dead quiet.

Further, do you just plug and play or do you first have to do extensive testing for leaks like with other systems? :)

Zalman recommend plugging the loop together and running it for an hour or so before actually fitting it in the case; I did this, it's pretty trivial and worth the peace of mind IMO.

Darth Rancid
09-26-05, 04:13 PM
I've been running my Reserator since february. I did a small review (http://kundweb.netatonce.com/~b16272/div/reserator/) when I installed it.

Since then, I have removed the rattling flow-indicator and also put back the Fan Control Panel with the two 120mm fans going at 500rpm to circulate air in the case to keep the HDD and North Bridge cool. Nothing was overheating, but my HDD was reaching 45 degrees C which seemed bad to me. So now I have the reserator and two 120mm fans and the 80mm PSU fan. The system is really quiet.

I like my Reserator 1! It is so cool!.... :D

09-27-05, 05:39 PM
My very silent rig in my sig. Nothing but good things with my reserator that is now about a year of age. Only had to add some more water into the tower due to the little hole on the lid where it evaporates especially during dry months.

My biggest problem by far was silencing the HDD. I bought a seagate 120GB and got rid of it (huge idle resonance!), got a 200GB WD (cause I knew they didnt have any resonance or much whine but a lot of read rattle) and put it in an expensive silencing case and put that ontop of some foam legs on the bottom of the case. Now its cool and 100% silent!

And you can get high quality de-salted distilled water from EVERY gas station that has a shop.. because they use it in car batteries (it then turns into battery acid). Five litres of Exxon brand cost me about 3 eur.