View Full Version : max AA 4x in bf2 and wow

09-26-05, 08:40 PM
hi i have a 7800gxt using the 78.05 drivers and tried most before that also, in both worldofwarcraft and battlefield 2 my max AA is 4x where on my buddies x800 he can choose 6x. i do have the option in the nvidia controla panel for 8x. Any ideas why in these 2 games (only 2 games i have) show this as max?

09-26-05, 08:45 PM
NV cards only allows 4x Multisampling AA, while ATI offers 6x aswell.
the 8xS mode NV offers is a hybrid mode of Multisampling and SuperSampling AA, which is due to the SSAA pretty heavy, but offers good quality and also works on stuff like grass, fences etc (alphablended textures).

You should be able to use 4x TAA which offers alot better quality when it comes to alphablended textures, and alot better performance then 8xS and pure SSAA modes.

You can view the difference modes here:
The page belongs to a great tool called nHancer, allows you to use a few other AA modes aswell and edit your game profiles.

09-26-05, 09:11 PM
Listen to this man... you will be glad you did, cause this profiler works unlike radlinker