View Full Version : opengl rendering with diverse performance on mulithead setup

09-27-05, 08:35 AM
my application, drawing several full screen/head windows (doing OpenGL rendering), behaves very diverse (performance). Popup a first full screen/head window on monitor 1 one display() cylce take about 2ms and swapBuffers() take about 7ms.
Popup of the same window in parallel on head 2 will take about 60ms for both above mentioned operations. 60ms for a simple swapBuffers() is horrible slow.
Any further window is slow too.

Popup the first window on head 4 all successive windows on any head will take about 60ms for display and swap.

Why is the performance dependend on the head the window is using ?

I am using a NVIDIA Quardro4 NVS 400 on WXP SP2 and Nvidia driver

09-27-05, 05:57 PM
You may want to try asking the question at www.opengl.org. They have forums for programming, etc.